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Requesting a Veterinary or IACUC Consult

If you have questions about a proposed study or require guidance regarding USDA regulations, you may request an IACUC consult.

If you have questions regarding veterinary matters, such as appropriate dosing for drug treatments, standard veterinary practices or procedures, requests for procedural training, etc., you may request a veterinary consult.

In addition, certain changes to an active protocol may be approved by Veterinary Verification and Consultation (VVC). Such requests must not involve new procedures, but may involve minor changes to already approved procedures, such as the frequency, duration, or number of procedures performed; the type or dose of medication used; or the method of euthanasia. To request a VVC, the researchers should complete a consultation form and submit it to The request will be sent to the veterinarian who will determine if the requested change is permissible under VVC, conduct the consult, and either approve the request, recommend revisions, or defer the decision to the IACUC.

If you wish to request a consult with either the IACUC or the Veterinarian, please complete the Consultation form and submit to


Consultation Form, Animals