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Submission Instructions

Download and complete the appropriate forms in the ORSP Canvas Classroom. You can learn how to access this through our Forms page. Please use the names already assigned to the files and submit all forms as Word documents (with the exception of the Signature and Assurances page which may be submitted as a pdf). Please do not compile individual forms into a single document.

Submit all forms to and include in the subject line the following information:

  • Type of Review being Requested: NS for New Study, AMD for Amendment, CR for Continuing Review, UAE for unanticipated event, NC for Non-Compliance, IA for Inactivation, CS for Consult, AWR for Animal Welfare Report
  • Protocol ID assigned to your study during the initial application (for requests other than New Studies)
  • Principal Investigator’s Last Name
  • The words ANIMAL

For example: NS Johnson ANIMAL

AMD 15-123ANM Jones ANIMAL
CR 15-124ANM Williams ANIMAL

Please not that all submissions must be accompanied by a signed Assurance form. This form MUST be reviewed and signed by an ACU faculty person who agrees to take responsibility for the assurances listed therein.

In the body of the email, indicate the true point of contact for this study. This may be a separate individual from the Principal Investigator. This person may be called or emailed for requests for missing information or for clarification of study items. Please be advised that it is standard for the ORSP or the IACUC reviewer to request more information or clarification on items. This is intended to ensure that the reviewer has sufficient information to make a decision about the study. Likewise, if the study is called to full board review, it is the committee’s responsibility to have as many questions answered as possible prior to the meeting to avoid tabling the protocol.

Should you have any questions regarding the email submission process, please contact the ORSP at or the Director of the ORSP at or 325-674-2885.