Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations

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Request Accommodations

The process for requesting dining and housing disability-related accommodations begins with contacting Alpha Scholars. This can be done 3 ways:

  1. Completing an application for services by clicking the “Application for Services” button below
  2. Emailing alpha@acu.edu to set up an appointment
  3. Stopping by the Hardin Administration Building, Suite 124 on campus to speak with a staff member

After completing the application, submit appropriate documentation to alpha@acu.edu. The Alpha Scholars director will review the application and documentation and request a meeting with the student, either in person or over the phone. More documentation may be requested.

An Alpha Scholars staff member makes the accommodation determination and then reviews the decision with the Director of Residence Life (housing) and/or the Chartwell’s nutritionist (dining). The final determination is then communicated to the student.