Parents and Families

We are devoted to supporting and encouraging your student—and you!—through each phase of this exciting journey. Our partnership with parents and families ensures the necessary resources are at your fingertips to understand your student’s adventures, build your own enthusiasm and find comfort in the confidence of those who have walked this road before.

We are devoted to supporting and encouraging your student—and you!—through each phase of this exciting journey. Our partnership with parents and families ensures the necessary resources are at your fingertips to understand your student’s adventures, build your own enthusiasm and find comfort in the confidence of those who have walked this road before.

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Important Dates

Keep track of university holidays, financial due dates, course deadlines and events like Family Weekend through ACU’s academic calendar.

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Wildcat Pay Portal

This secure platform is our one-stop shop for student account information, payments and financial aid.

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Block Tuition

The innovative block tuition model at ACU allows students to pay one annual price for up to 36 credit hours and related fees like academic services, technology, safety and student life. Room and board and course-specific fees are billed separately.

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Enrollment Verification

ACU works with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide proof of enrollment that you may need for insurance agencies, credit issuers and housing providers as needed.

ACU Alert

Our emergency notification system provides alerts on everything from campus safety issues to inclement weather via email and text message.

Emergency Info

We provide robust protection and resources for your student’s physical, mental and social health and wellbeing at ACU.


Work with your student to determine their needs and desires for their college experience to begin narrowing down the field. Make a list of universities you’re interested in learning more about. You can always add and subtract names, but try to keep a list of five or fewer potential colleges. These are the schools you will want to apply to, visit and spend significant time researching.

When your student has their list of colleges decided, check out the universities’ websites for details about admission deadlines and any benefits offered to early applicants.

If you and your student believe they could flourish at ACU, we invite you to apply for rolling admission. Notification of admission begins as early as September 18.

Once your student receives their admissions materials, you’ll likely want to visit campuses—even those you’ve been to before.

Our admitted student visit days, hosted by ACU president Dr. Phil Schubert, are designed to address your family’s specific needs and to connect your student with future classmates. This visit goes beyond buildings and classrooms; you’ll meet professors, experience Chapel and see firsthand how the ACU community will welcome and take responsibility for your student.

College is a huge investment. One year’s tuition and fees vary widely between institutions. However, that number isn’t the whole story: your student’s costs will shrink as they receive scholarships (awarded by the university and outside sources) and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA will open in December.

Many colleges direct their communication to students only, but we believe that choosing a university is a family conversation. You know your student’s strengths, hopes and dreams. We encourage you to talk with your student about academic rigor and the importance of Christian professors who will know their name, enjoy meals with them and remain committed to their success.

You may also wish to highlight the importance of making lifelong friends from across the world with whom they are united by similar beliefs and values. Ask what type of education will help your student connect their chosen career path with the purpose that God has for their life. We believe these conversations will allow your family to feel confident in your student’s college selection, wherever it may lead them.

Choosing a college is an important decision that will literally—in ways big and small—affect the rest of your student’s life. We are praying alongside you, and we’re here to answer any questions that arise about your student’s college opportunities.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the time and steps necessary to make an informed decision that will encourage your student’s success. Now, buy out the university’s bookstore—stick a decal on your car, wear a hat, sport your sweatshirt—and be proud.


ACU’s Long Purple Line of 86,000 alumni—living in 110 nations—forms a worldwide network of support for graduates, some of whom go on to be:

  • Best-selling authors
  • Advisors to U.S. presidents
  • Winners of the Pulitzer Prize, Olympic medals and Emmy, Grammy, Telly and Dove awards
  • Inventors of the year
  • NFL coaches and players
  • National leaders in education, business, science, ministry and media

95% of May 2021 ACU graduates were employed or accepted to graduate or professional school within six months of graduation.

Students in our pre-health professions programs are accepted into professional schools at rates that exceed the national average. In fact, our medical and dental school acceptance rates are nearly twice the national average. 90% of ACU graduates are accepted into law school.

Parent Involvement

You can stay up-to-date with news and next steps regarding your student’s enrollment through our parent emails.

The ACU community extends to parents and families with ACU Moms, an opportunity to talk with other parents about their experience—and their students’ experiences. These events are held throughout the year in cities across Texas.

Parents are included in ACU’s new student orientation! Through our parent sessions, you’ll learn important information about the business side of academics, student financial services, technology support and other on-campus services available to your family.

ACU first-year families are invited to gather and celebrate on campus multiple times a year, including for Family Weekend, Homecoming and Sing Song.


When Should My Student Apply for Admission?

The short and sweet answer is “as soon as possible.” This year’s admission deadlines are:

Early Deadline: November 1, notification by mid-November

Regular Deadline: February 1, notification by mid-February

Is ACU’s Campus Safe?

Student safety and wellness are top priorities at ACU. The ACU Police Department includes 14 full-time police officers, two part-time police officers, and six part-time public safety officers, in addition to office and clerical personnel, who keep our campus safe. Some of their services include:

  • 24/7 police patrols
  • ACU ALERT text messaging (for weather and other emergency notifications)
  • Emergency management
  • Motorist assistance (e.g. open locked vehicle doors, jump-start batteries)
  • Nighttime safety escorts
  • Criminal investigations of any crimes reported on or off campus
  • Close working relationships with the City of Abilene Police Department to ensure awareness of any trends or concerns that may affect campus.

What Type of Activities and Organizations Can My Student Get Involved In?

Many of the lifelong bonds between ACU students begin with getting involved in campus opportunities. With more than 100 student organizations, your student will meet peers who share their interests and skills. Student organizations include club and intramural sports, academic interest groups, and social, cultural, performance and service organizations.

What Services Are Available to Ensure My Student’s Health and Wellbeing?

ACU offers over 50 health-related courses and physical activities and provides a state-of-the-art recreation and wellness center. The 113,000-square-foot facility features four gyms, two pools, racquetball courts, a bouldering wall, an indoor track, fitness equipment, two exercise studios, and the ACU Medical and Counseling Care Center.

The well-being of your student is of utmost importance, and ACU offers resources for their physical, mental and emotional health. ACU Services that are free or low cost to students and include the Weber Medical and Counseling Care Center, nutrition consultation, Office of Multicultural Affairs, service-learning and volunteer resources, and career counseling.

ACU has also implemented Student Opportunities, Advocacy and Resources (SOAR), a referral program that partners with faculty, staff, students and parents to identify struggling students and connect them with campus resources like the counseling center, Alpha Scholars Program, career counseling, the medical clinic and residence life.

What Academic Student Services Are Available?

ACU offers several academic services to ensure your student is challenged and supported in the classroom. All students are assigned an academic advisor within their major to help them plan and schedule the courses they need to graduate on time. Further opportunities for students who excel academically include ACU’s Honors College, McNair Scholars program, academic honors organizations and student research programs. The Brown Library also facilitates several programs to assist students in their coursework: an academic coaching center, a writing center, a speaking center and the SOAR program.

What Disability Resources Are Available?

We equip students with disabilities to thrive through services such as University Access Programs (UAP), which includes the Alpha Scholars Program, Excel Tutoring and opportunities for supplemental instruction in challenging courses. UAP staff evaluate accommodations on an individual basis to ensure that every ACU student has equal access to success.

What Is ACU’s Religious Affiliation, and How Does It Play Out in Day-to-Day Life?

ACU was founded in 1906 as a Christian university of the Stone–Campbell movement most closely related to the Churches of Christ. Today, ACU honors its heritage by prioritizing exceptional academics within a Christ-centered environment.

All faculty at ACU are professing Christians. Students complete 15 hours of Bible courses to establish a firm foundation in the Word of God, and outside of class, we set aside 30 minutes every weekday for Chapel, where students gather in community and fellowship. Students and faculty regularly pray with each other inside and outside of class, offer support and ask for guidance and wisdom.

ACU does not set out to “convert” or change a student’s beliefs to align with the university’s foundations; instead, ACU serves as an environment of connection and support that centers Christ’s love and service to others as a model of how to live our lives.

How Much Are Tuition and Fees, and What Is Annual Block Tuition?

For the 2022–23 school year, ACU’s annual block tuition is $40,400 with $11,500 for room and board (approximately), bringing the direct cost total to $52,000. The average financial aid package for last year’s first-year students was $25,000. ACU’s annual block tuition covers up to 36 hours of courses during the fall, spring and summer, including short courses, online courses and study abroad courses. By taking advantage of ACU’s block tuition, your student may be able to graduate in three and half years, regardless of major.

What Is ACU’s Six-Month Placement Rate for Graduates?

95% of our May 2021 graduates were employed or enrolled in graduate or professional school six months after graduation.

How Many Classes Are Taught by Actual Professors (vs. a Teaching Assistant)?

All ACU courses are taught by actual professors, most of whom have a terminal degree in their field. Occasionally, a professor may ask a graduate assistant to proctor an exam or lead the class in small group discussions.

Have a question not listed here? Please contact our Admissions helpline at (325) 674-2300 or email us at