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Welcome to Alpha Scholars Online! 

Alpha Scholars Online is dedicated to ensuring access for all of our online students completing undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees across the nation and around the world. We provide academic accommodations, tutoring, academic coaching, and mentoring relationships to students with disabilities at no additional cost.

We fully believe that finding success means choosing success. While we are eager to provide all of our services to every participant, we can only help those who choose to access our services. Our internal data clearly shows that students who use our services regularly (specifically tutoring and academic coaching) graduate at a rate of over 90%. Finding success can be guesswork – choosing success is a strategy, and Alpha can help you employ a winning strategy. We are committed to finding the strengths within each student and using those strengths to develop an individualized plan for academic success.

Alpha staff members whole-heartedly believe in our students – even when our students sometimes have difficulty believing in themselves.  We expect our students to excel, graduate, and even continue academic work beyond graduation.

When a student struggles to see the possibilities in light of their challenges, Alpha holds those expectations, hopes, and possibilities in trust. If you’re ready to get started visit our Apply page. We can’t wait to serve you!