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Foreign Language Testing

WebCAPE Placement for Foreign Language and Credit Option

Students who wish to enroll in a college-level modern foreign language (Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Chinese) course at ACU are strongly encouraged to take a WebCAPE placement test. The WebCAPE (Computer Adaptive Placement Exam) is designed for students who have taken foreign language in high school or who have “picked it up” either from living abroad (e.g., missionary or military kids) or through family heritage. Taking this exam will allow for more accurate course placement based on the student’s ability and could allow a student to skip introductory foreign language classes to enroll in more advanced courses.

Please note: No immediate credit is granted with WebCAPE exams. To earn immediate course credit, a student must take and pass the CLEP exam.  However, students who are considering a foreign language minor or who need to fulfill language requirements for a BA degree have the option to earn course credit when this test is combined with taking a subsequent foreign language course.

Students who have never taken a college-level course in French, German, or Spanish or accrued foreign language credit via CLEP, AP, or dual credit are eligible for the WebCAPE credit option. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please follow the steps below:

  • Take the WebCAPE test online at your convenience. No proctor is necessary.
  • Receive your placement.
  • Register for the appropriate course based on your placement results.
  • Receive a grade of B or higher in the course.
  • Petition for WebCAPE credit through this online form.

For example: If you take the WebCAPE exam and are placed into SPAN 221, then receive a grade of B in the 221 class, you will be granted credit for SPAN 111 and 112. (A credit-by-exam posting fee of $50 per course will apply for all retroactive credit posted to a student’s transcript.)

If you take the recommended course and do not earn a grade of B or higher, you will not be granted credit for the underlying courses you skipped.

The WebCAPE placement exam can only be taken a maximum of two times. The highest placement score will be honored.

The WebCAPE is taken online at a cost of $10 due at the time of registration in addition to a $5 administration fee charged to the student’s ACU account. The exam is not timed, but it generally takes 20 – 30 minutes to complete. Scores and suggested placements are available upon completion of the test. The student should print the last page and keep it for his/her records.

Register for the WebCAPE exam.