Financial Settlement

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What is Financial Settlement?

Financial Settlement is a required step in ACU’s enrollment process each semester for new and current students. It simply means you’ve met your financial obligations for the semester. Financial Settlement may be met by paying the amount due in full, enrolling in a Wildcat Pay Plan or having an approved loan in place to cover the account balance.

The following statements comprise Abilene Christian University’s Financial Settlement policy:

  • Students must reach Financial Settlement prior to the start of each semester. After all grants, scholarships, and federal loans have been applied to the student account, the student must pay the remaining balance in full, enroll in a Wildcat Pay Plan, or have an approved loan in place to cover the account balance.
  • The  Financial Settlement dates for 2023-24 are
    • August 2 for new students
    • January 10 (spring semester)
  • Students Admitted Late and Late Registrants―Students admitted Aug. 1 or later, or Jan. 2 or later are required to meet Financial Settlement no later than 5:00 pm on the first class day.
  • Financial Settlement must be met to avoid cancellation of classes and monthly late fees.
  • Semester eBills are generated the first week of June and December, detailing charges for the coming semester. Thereafter, eBills are generated the first week of the month. Detailed current account activity is available for view any time in the Wildcat Pay Portal .
  • Outside Scholarships will not be reflected on a student’s account until funds have been received. If a student is enrolled in a Wildcat Pay Plan, the amount will be divided equally among all remaining monthly installments.

What happens when Financial Settlement is not completed by the deadline?

Students who have not reached Financial Settlement by the deadline each semester will have their classes dropped and student ID card deactivated. In addition, a hold will be placed on the student account, preventing class registration and the release of official transcripts.

To re-register and regain access to student services, Financial Settlement must be met. Students are subject to any late registration fees and the original class schedule may no longer be available.

How do I view and pay my semester bill?

A detailed semester eBill will be available for view in the Wildcat Pay Portal. We strongly encourage students to register their parents and/or guardians as authorized users to giving them access to view eBills, 1098-T tax documents, receive time-sensitive email reminders, make payments on their account and/or enroll in a Wildcat Pay Plan online.

Expecting Financial Aid?
There are certain forms that must be completed in a timely manner for Financial Aid to apply to the account before the Financial Settlement deadline. Details of these processes and the dates are available at under “Missing Financial Docs.” Otherwise, please be prepared to pay in full or pay the first installment on your Wildcat Pay Plan by the Financial Settlement deadline; Financial Aid will reimburse to the student account when the aid arrives.

For assistance with financial aid questions or to schedule an appointment with your financial aid counselor, please contact Wildcat Central.