Our Brand

It’s a passion that burns inside us.
An idea that catches fire.
A possibility that ignites into reality.

It’s a passion that burns inside us.
An idea that catches fire.
A possibility that ignites into reality.

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We have been lighting this fire for generations.
It is core to our mission, embedded in our culture, intrinsic in our values.
It is the heart and soul of who we are.

It is felt in every corner of our community.
Through our intentional walk with one another.
And our deep relationship with our heavenly Father.


Our Authentic Story

ACU’s special spark carries beyond the classroom. The impact our graduates have on their communities through their personal and professional lives is extraordinary.

We Light the Fire Within was created to tell the stories of inspirational faculty, alumni and students who are working together to become the passionate difference-makers God has called them to be. The campaign features examples of light bringers, courageous leaders, game changers, risk takers, creative thinkers and God seekers.

This integrated branding campaign launched in Fall 2021 and is being shared through digital, print and broadcast advertising, as well as social media.

Television Commercial

The world needs creative thinkers and courageous leaders who inspire and uplift us. Risk takers and game changers who set the world ablaze. Abilene Christian University ignites this fire within its students by fusing academic excellence and purposeful Christian community.

Music Video

An original music video, created with the help of several alumni, accompanies the new branding campaign. Learn more about the creation of the video.

Print Ads


In today’s competitive environment, ACU must tell its story clearly, consistently and effectively. Our campus Branding Style Guide, prepared by the Division of Marketing and Strategic Communications, is an important document to help us present this unified message. Please refer to the guide to help you consistently represent our name and trademarks.

The Division of Marketing and Strategic Communications serves all of our campus partners. If you have a need for photography, video, social media, print, digital communications, advertising or news media help, submit your request to our team of professionals.

ACU’s brand story can be found in local and national media outlets. When our students shine in the classroom, lab or field, we are proud to share their story. When our alumni are making an impact for Christ in the world, we want you to know. Learn how Wildcats are living extraordinary lives, making a difference both at home and around the globe.