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Community Expectations FAQs

At ACU, we live in a community. Each person’s actions have an effect on the other members of the community. Policies and our Code of Conduct are intended to help provide guidelines and expectations that promote a Christ-centered, thriving community. Life at ACU fosters this environment with standards reflecting biblical principles of daily living such as honesty, purity, and honoring one another.

Following are brief summaries regarding a few of our policies, with links to additional information:

1. Academic Integrity
ACU is a community of learners that supports the quest for knowledge and truth through intellectual and personal integrity, honesty in learning, instruction, research and service. Violations of academic integrity and other forms of cheating involve the intention to deceive, mislead or misrepresent.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol is not allowed on the ACU campus, or at university functions on or off campus. Students of legal age are allowed to consume alcohol in off-campus, non-university venues, and are expected to take into consideration safety, setting, neighbors, etc. The ACU community cares deeply about the health and safety of our students, and is committed to educating students about the physical and spiritual dangers of alcohol abuse.

3. Anti-Harassment
ACU is committed to ensuring a working and learning environment in which the dignity of every individual is respected. Discriminatory and sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, assault, stalking, relationship violence, as well as causing physical or emotional harm to another person will not be tolerated. Emotional harm includes but is not limited to, intimidation, stalking, cyber-bullying, and/or threats by text messaging or other electronic media.

4. Dress Code
All members of our community are responsible for the way they present themselves. Through the way they dress, students are encouraged to reflect their God-given worth and professional aspirations.

5. Drug Use
ACU has a “zero-tolerance” policy related to the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs and controlled substances.

6. Hazing
ACU will not tolerate hazing as defined by Texas law. Moreover, ACU strongly discourages any action which degrades, intimidates, humiliates, or endangers any individual.

7. Residence Life
In order to promote community, all first and second-year students are required to live in gender-specific on-campus residence halls. Third-year, fourth-year and graduate students have the opportunity to live in on-campus apartments or off-campus. The Residence Life Handbook provides information concerning accommodations, approved items, curfew policies, etc.

8. Sexual Stewardship
ACU strives to be a community that follows Jesus’ example in all things, including our understandings about the authority of Scripture, sexuality, relationships and our core identity as children of God. Therefore, our foundation for a sexual ethic is a call to chastity outside of marriage between a man and a woman. Throughout Scripture and in the life of Jesus, we see a commitment to honor God with our bodies through relational and sexual stewardship as well as pastoral love and compassion for those who do not live according to those beliefs. Use the link in order to access the entire policy.

9. Spiritual Formation requirement
One of the most significant ways in which a student develops at ACU is spiritually. Our vision for spiritual formation includes practicing the spiritual disciplines, service to others and experiencing community. Chapel is an important part of living life as community. For more information about Chapel, attendance policies, exemptions and more, this link.

10. Tobacco/Electronic Cigarettes/Vaporizers
Use of all tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco) and electronic cigarettes / vaporizers is strictly prohibited on the ACU campus and other university property and at all university-sponsored activities, including sporting events.

11. Weapons on campus
ACU prohibits the possession of any illegal knives and other dangerous weapons, as well as firearms, either open carry or concealed carry. This includes any replica or facsimile weapon designed, intended, or displayed to appear like a functional firearm or weapon. Students who are Texas Handgun Licensees, are allowed by Texas Law and ACU policy to store their licensed and legal handguns inside their LOCKED vehicle parked on any ACU owned or controlled parking facility.

Check out the Dean of Students site for the Student Code of Conduct and other policies.