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Managing the Coronavirus

How does ACU clean and disinfect facilities?

WFF Facility Services (ACU’s custodial cleaning vendor) uses an EPA-registered, healthcare rated disinfectant to daily clean campus buildings to include athletic and residence life facilities. Emphasis has been placed on high-volume touchpoints (door handles, table/desktops, light switches, etc.), to include public and common-area restrooms. Additionally, we have expanded use of our electrostatic disinfection process along with enhancing other preventative measures to further mitigate risks of the novel coronavirus. We will continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC for preventing the spread of the virus.

Students living in on-campus housing are expected to clean their rooms and any private bathrooms in their residences.

It is also recommended that departments contact the Office of Risk Management at risk@acu.edu or by calling 325-674-6142 to obtain single-use disinfectant wipes for touchpoints within their workspaces.

There are also hand sanitizer dispensers wall mounted throughout campus in common areas. Hand sanitizer can help prevent the spread of the virus, though the proper hand-washing technique is deemed to be more effective by the CDC.


ACU Warehouse

The Warehouse is stocked with beverages and paper. All requests for stores orders should be made by emailing a Warehouse order form (located under myACU quicklinks) to warehouse@groupmail.acu.edu.

Sustainability Initiatives

Shredding and Recycling

Our service includes pick-up ensuring confidentiality of documents at no charge. We will also pick up full bags of already shredded paper and deliver them to the recycle center.

All requests for shredding should be made via email to warehouse@groupmail.acu.edu by using the Warehouse Pick Up Request form located under the “Forms” tab or myACU Quicklinks.


In keeping with ACU’s 21st Century Vision, the Warehouse has been charged with spearheading the university’s sustainability programs. To that end, we have developed several environmentally friendly initiatives including:

  • Blue Bag Recycle Program
  • Shredding-Paper
  • Battery Recycle Program
  • Bulb Eater
  • Cardboard, Cans and Plastic Recycling Program
  • Aerosol Can Disposal

Keeping ACU Green

The university uses an abundance of batteries. The Warehouse is working with a local vendor for proper disposal of batteries.

The Warehouse will pick up all used batteries across campus for proper disposal. (Example of batteries: D, C, AA, AAA, 9 volt, etc.) This initiative is another step towards a greener campus. We need your help.

There are two easy steps:

  1. Gather all used batteries.
  2. Download the Warehouse pick-up request form, fill it out, save it and email it to warehouse@groupmail.acu.edu.

All requests for pick up should be made via email to warehouse@groupmail.acu.edu or by phone x2365. Please provide department name, location and contact name.

The Warehouse will provide a Blue Recycle Bag and stand to any office that would like to participate in recycling paper. The Warehouse will pick up your full Blue Bag and leave an empty bag each time. All paper will be placed in a large paper bin provided by the City of Abilene for recycling.

Our purchase of a Premium Bulb Eater provides both product and service that exceeds the highest standards of compliance, safety, efficiency and cost.  The Bulb Eater crushes fluorescent lamps and filters mercury for proper disposal.  A fluorescent lamp consists of a glass shell, a high vacuum, a small amount of liquid mercury, evaporated mercury, some phosphor powder, the metal end-caps and heated filaments.  When lamps are sent to landfills or incinerated as an alternative disposal method, mercury vapors are released that can travel over 200 miles.  Each year, an estimated 600 million fluorescent lamps are disposed of in U.S. landfills; they produce an estimated 30,000 pounds of mercury waste.   Proper disposal of lamps together with the recycling of the lamps will greatly reduce the mercury dilemma and create a much safer environment.  Although ACU purchases ECO friendly fluorescent lamps that are approved to be disposed of in the landfill, they still contain a small percentage of mercury.  We feel that purchasing this equipment to dispose of the lamps in this environment friendly manner is the right thing for the university to do.

The Warehouse has invested in industrial shredders capable of bulk shredding. Our service provides a holding container, pick-up services, and ensuring the confidentiality of documents for free.  We will also pick up full bags of already shredded paper for free. All shredding is picked up by RWL Recycling for recycling.

All requests for shredding should be made via email to warehouse@groupmail.acu.edu or by phone x2365. Please provide department name, location, contact name and FOAP.

Many different types of aerosol can products are used at ACU.  The waste products in aerosol cans are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The Office of Risk Management in conjunction with University Procurement has ensured ensure compliance with the Federal, State and local laws and regulations.  The University has purchased an aerosol can puncturing system to ensure the waste products contained in the aerosol cans are disposed of safely.  To properly dispose of aerosol cans all departments should collect the used aerosol cans then request a pickup from the Warehouse, which will transport all used aerosol cans for proper disposal. Do not place aerosol cans in the regular trash. Pick up requests can be made by emailing a pick up request form to warehouse@groupmail.acu.edu. We are pleased to provide this service to help the University and environment. We ask that you please make sure the used aerosol cans are placed in a box or bag for transport.