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Frequently Asked Questions

When do SI sessions occur?

SI sessions are set during the first week of each semester. Your SI leader will send out a survey to enrolled students to determine when most students can attend SI. Two SI sessions will be offered weekly for 1 hour. Some science courses offer two sessions each week for 1 ½ hours.

What if I cannot make the SI sessions?

Each SI leader offers a weekly office hour to assist students with additional support. Students can also request to meet with an Excel Tutor for individual tutoring.

What does it cost to attend SI?

Nothing! It’s a free academic support program.

What happens in SI sessions?

Based on student and faculty feedback, SI sessions are structured study sessions where difficult course content is covered. Engaging activities and study strategies are facilitated by the SI leader. All students are encouraged to engage and participate in group and paired activities. Feel a bit shy? No worries! SI leaders understand some students may be shy. However, SI sessions typically help students form new friendships or study partners. Give SI a try!

What are the benefits of attending SI?

Attending SI sessions allows students to engage in difficult course content while learning study strategies. Students also benefit from the SI leader’s personal experience with the course. As a former student and one that sits in the current class, the SI leader understands the student perspective. The SI leader helps students prepare for class discussion and exams. Our ACU data shows that students who participate in SI earn one-half to one-full letter grade higher in the course compared to their peers who do not participate in SI.

How can I be an SI leader?

The process to be an SI leader:

1)     Obtain faculty recommendation from supported course

2)     Apply online