Contractor Safety and Code of Conduct

Office of Institutional Compliance and Risk Management

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Construction is a high hazard industry that comprises a wide range of activities involving construction, alteration, or repair. Hazards can include falling from rooftops, unguarded machinery, being struck by heavy construction equipment, electrocutions, silica dust, and asbestos, as well as exposure to chemicals, dust and solvents. Due to the nature of construction projects, these risks can also affect ACU employees who are in the proximity of a construction site.

Due to the hazardous nature of construction related projects, the Contractor Safety Manual and Code of Conduct have been created to assure the health and safety of the university faculty, staff, students and visitors who may be in proximity to renovation, demolition, installation, or maintenance operations performed by contractors or subcontractors.

Every contractor and their respective sub-contractors are expected to take steps, as necessary, to protect the safety and health of their employees as well as ACU faculty, staff, students and visitors during the performance of their work.