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CPHP students come from a variety of academic disciplines, programs of study and majors. If you are pursuing a degree outside of the sciences, CPHP advisors work alongside you to select appropriate electives to prepare you with professional school prerequisites.

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Health Humanities Minor

You may select a minor to supplement your career path. ACU offers a health humanities minor specifically designed to broaden students’ worldview and develop professional characteristics required for success in a healthcare field. This minor can be added to any major.

CPHP Seminars

CPHP offers several seminar classes that enhance pre-health professional development.

Introduction to Health Professions Seminar

  • Introduction to Health Professions Seminar is designed for second-year pre-health students to explore different healthcare career paths, understanding how healthcare professionals work as a team, create portfolios and start developing pre-professional skills to support their applications to health professional programs.

Health Professions Application Seminar

  • Health Professions Application Seminar supports pre-health students applying to health professional programs during their third and fourth year at ACU. This intentional seminar covers the application process and includes interview preparation and personal statement development.

Medical Missions Seminar

  • Faculty mentors lead a medical missions seminar about ethical travel and best practices in international service and relief for pre-health students participating in CPHP’s medical mission trips.
Dr. Joel Wells standing in his office

Our Students in the Field

One of our standout alumni, Dr. Joel Wells, MD received the 2020 Young Alumnus of the Year award. Wells is part of the care team for the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots, focusing on diagnosing and treating hip and knee injuries. He received the Gold Humanism in Medicine Society Award in 2009, the Tufts Accomplished Teaching Award in Surgery in 2011, and the Harvard Orthopedic Surgery Best Clinical Research Award in 2015.

While his educational training is certainly elite, Wells is quick to note that his pre-health courses at ACU are what helped him succeed in medical school.

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What To Expect

  • Receive individual advising from faculty pre-health professions advisors.
  • Thrive in student-centered prerequisite courses for your chosen healthcare career. 
  • Participate in healthcare career-focused seminars that prepare you for success.
  • Study with Christian professors who help you think through difficult biomedical ethics issues.
  • Travel the globe with our study abroad program, and learn about the impact of culture on healthcare.
  • Share your love of service on a medical mission trip alongside ACU alumni who are healthcare professionals.