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Vendor Discount Opportunities

niversity Purchasing has worked with local and national vendors to provide a contracted and discounted price for a wide variety of products and services. These contracts aid each department in cutting expenses and saving budget dollars. These discounted prices are also available for employees’ personal use, alumni, and student use. Please consider these discounted prices when making such purchases.



How to ship a package:

  1. Contact University Purchasing for user access
  2. Process shipping online
  3. For personal use, utilize the Shipping Depot located in the Campus Store


How to purchase:

    1. Contact University Purchasing for user access
    2. Make purchases online
    3. For assistance, contact Tiffany Robinson, the Staples Accounts Manager at, 1-877-888-8248 ext 236, 1-877-826-7755

Surcharge Fees

A credit card surcharge is an additional fee that a merchant charges to your card when you use a credit card for payment. In certain states, the act of surcharging is permitted. In permitted states, the surcharge must not exceed the cost of acceptance for the credit card, and the fee must be identified separately on the receipt. In addition, disclosures must be provided at the point of entry and point of sale.

Currently, the following ten states have prohibited vendors from applying surcharge fees:

  • Texas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Oklahoma

If a Texas merchant charges extra for credit card use, take a photograph of a sign or receipt proving the illegal surcharge. Then, contact a p-card administrator or file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General.

Please note that merchants can still require a minimum purchase of $10 before a credit card can be used. In addition, the government is an exception to the law in the above states and may still place a surcharge on credit card payments.

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ACU Purchasing Card Administrators:

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