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Academic Policies

The following is a list of policies frequently of interest to students. For a complete statement of academic policy, please see the University Catalog.

Academic Calendar
The ACU academic calendar is available through the Depot tab on myACU. Instructions are provided there to add the academic calendar to your Google calendar tab.

Academic Integrity Policy
Abilene Christian University is a community of learners that supports the quest for knowledge and truth through intellectual and personal integrity, honesty in learning, instruction, research and service. Its educational programs, faculty and staff, administration, and campus environment all exist to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. Academic integrity is essential to the most effective development of a person’s intellectual skills and abilities. Academic dishonesty is not insignificant in its impact on student development. Violations of academic integrity and other forms of cheating, as defined below, involve the intention to deceive or mislead or misrepresent, and therefore are a form of lying. See the full academic integrity policy.

Adding and Dropping Courses
University policies regarding adding and dropping classes, including charges and/or refunds, may be found in the current schedule bulletin under ‘Withdrawal Policies.

Class Attendance
“ACU expects students to attend and participate in all class and laboratory meetings. Students must adhere to the policies published in each course syllabus. ACU normally offers classes in a series of regularly scheduled meetings. The most common patterns are Monday-Wednesday-Friday, Tuesday-Thursday, and once-per-week. Some classes have regularly scheduled laboratories (labs).

Students are responsible for initiating a Withdrawal from Class form for any class that they have never attended or have stopped attending. If students do not initiate a withdrawal form, one of the following actions may be taken:

  • The professor may initiate a withdrawal for a student who has violated the attendance policy as stated in the course syllabus. A ‘W’ or ‘WF’ grade will be assigned at the discretion of the professor; or
  • The professor may choose not to initiate a withdrawal form and simply assign a grade of ‘F’ at the end of the semester.

Faculty who initiate Withdrawal from Class forms must designate whether the student is to receive a ‘W’ or ‘WF’ and provide the last date the student attended the course. After the 12th week of the semester, students may not withdraw from courses; however, a professor may withdraw a student for non-attendance but only with a grade of ‘WF’.”