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Bias Education and Response Team

In our vibrant, Christ-centered community, we aim to contribute to our students’ spiritual and intellectual growth in ways that encourage confidence and vocational formation. The mission of Abilene Christian University is to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. We understand that we live in complex and changing world, and because of that, understanding and valuing others is essential. However, bias incidents affect our ability to work with, instruct and learn from each other.


Reporting a Bias Incident


If you observe or experience an incident of bias, we encourage you to file a report online through the Bias Incident Reporting Form to ACU’s Bias Education and Response Team (BERT). The BERT will provide information and referrals to resources while also tracking incidents to examine trends and opportunities for education. Alternatively, you may choose to file a report to BERT in person in any of the following locations:

Bias Incident Reporting Form


A bias incident is defined at ACU as an action, behavior, or expression against an individual or group. Individuals or groups may experience bias based on factors that include: age, race/ethnicity, gender, disability, national origin, or veteran status.

Not all incidents of bias violate the law or ACU policy. However, each incident contributes to opportunities for learning how to make our campus a place where everyone can belong. BERT enables ACU to provide support to community members who file a report, keep records of bias incidents, and analyze trends so that we can continually improve in our understanding and value of all members of the campus community.

BERT does not investigate, arbitrate or replace other ACU procedures or services. Its purpose is to supplement and work with campus units to connect those who may have been a target of an act of bias or who have witnessed such an act with appropriate support and resources.

After a report submission, BERT will designate one of its members to respond to the reporting party within one business day. Upon communication with the reporting party, BERT will assess the needs of the complainant and determine next steps.

If the action violates the law or any ACU policy, further action may be taken by the following individuals or offices:

Yes, but filing anonymously will limit the ability of the team to respond and to support you directly. Please consider reporting with identifiable information so the team can provide a full response and attention to the situation.

The Bias Education and Response Team is composed of representatives from the Office of Intercultural Engagement and Belonging; Human Resources; Student Life; Faculty and Staff Senate; Athletics; Student Government; Office of Multicultural Affairs; International Students; and administrators from both campuses.

As the team receives incident reports, the group will determine when or if other departments or individuals are included in the response process, depending on the nature of the incident.

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