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Supervisor Expectations

All supervisors have the following responsibilities regarding the cardholder(s) transactions that they approve:

  1. Ensure each transaction is a legitimate ACU business expense. If the expense is related to a federal, state, or private grant project, the supervisor must ensure that the expense is allowable under the grant. The supervisor signature on the expense report shows approval of all transactions that have been made by the cardholder and that the expense is allowable for the grant project (if applicable).
  2. Ensure the cardholder(s) is abiding by the p-card policy as well as all other ACU policies.
  3. Ensure fraud does not occur by a cardholder, including a cardholder being reimbursed through other means such as a travel and entertainment expense report or request for payment for items purchased on the p-card. If fraud has occurred and posted to a university purchasing card, it is important that the cardholder or supervisor contacts the card company, JP Morgan Chase, by calling the phone number on the back of the card to report any suspicious or fraudulent card activity within 30 days of the posted transaction date.
  4. As the CBS expense approver, supervisors are required to ensure the cardholder(s) is allocating their p-card transactions to appropriate FOAPs, providing business purposes, and providing the correct itemized receipt(s) in Concur.
  5. Ensure the cardholder(s) are submitting complete Concur CBS expense reports within the reporting deadline.

Concur CBS P-Card Expense Report User Guide

Audits & Penalties

If a cardholder does not submit the monthly p-card expense report in Concur by the required due date or if a p-card expense report is received that is in violation of the p-card policy, the cardholder and supervisor will receive an email notification allowing 7 days for the proper documentation to be provided.

The p-card is a privilege granted to faculty and staff and must be used in a responsible and appropriate manner. Fraudulent misuse of the card or policy disobedience can result in:

  • Temporary card suspension
  • Permanent card suspension
  • Financial restitution
  • Employment termination
  • Other disciplinary actions set forth under university policy

If a supervisor is not meeting their supervisor responsibilities, penalties may include:

  • The suspension of all cards underneath the supervisor
  • Employment termination
  • Other disciplinary actions set forth under university policy