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Administrative Approval Process

Prior to submitting a grant proposal to or entering into a contract or cooperative agreement with any external agency, the proposed funding request must be approved by the University. This is a relatively simple process, though the review can take some time. In particular, the Legal Office must review all relevant Certifications and Assurances or other contractual obligations. These are essentially any “strings” which the funding agency may place on ACU should an award or agreement be accepted. This is sometimes a very brief process, but it can also take a great deal of time. It is therefore very important that the administrative review process be initiated in a timely manner.

Tips for the Administrative Review Process

  1. As soon as a definite decision is made to apply for external funding, contact Qi Hang in ORSP.

  2. You will need to complete a Proposal in Cayuse – Sponsored Projects for internal review and approval
    If you require assistance in completing the proposal in Cayuse, please contact Qi Hang in ORSP.

  3. The proposal should be completed and submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline for grant submission and prior to signing any contracts or agreements. However, the legal review of certifications and assurances can be conducted well in advance of submission. This will ensure enough time to conduct an adequate legal review. Further, should there be problems in this area, it is far better for this to be identified as early in the process as possible than to make this discovery after a great deal of work has been invested in the project.

  4. Please complete Responsible Conduct of Research Training in the CITI Program. The RCR training should be conducted once every 4 years. All investigators must have an up-to-date Completion Certificate on file.

  5. Financial disclosures are required for each grant application and annually if you receive the award. Please see the Conflict of Interest policy and forms. Please complete the disclosure and submit it in Cayuse. The disclosure should be completed by all significant contributors on the team.
    If you anticipate applying for or receiving a gift from a private foundation, you will still complete You will need to complete a Proposal in Cayuse – Sponsored Projects for internal review and approval, and it will be routed to the Advancement Office for approval. Please note that if you are asking a private foundation for $100,000 or more, then you must receive approval from the Senior Leadership Team before applying. 

Letters of Intent

If a funding agency requires the submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI) as a first step,  please complete a Proposal in Cayuse – Sponsored Projects for internal review and approval. Please complete the LOI proposal at least 2 weeks prior to your submission date. The ORSP Office will review the request and route for appropriate signatures.