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Frequently Asked Questions

The TRIO SSS program provides great individualized, exclusive support and offers a wide range of beneficial services specific to your needs. All events and workshops are designed to help you achieve your academic and personal goals while exposing you to varied experiences.

TRIO SSS is funded through the Department of Education for eligible students. There is <strong>no cost</strong> to be enrolled as a TRIO SSS Scholar. The only requirement is that students actively take advantage of the resources provided.

The time commitment for TRIO SSS largely depends on your needs and is based on the success plan you developed with your Student Success Coach. However, all scholars are required to meet with their Student Success Coach at least three times and participate in one success workshop per semester.

Typically, participants connect with TRIO SSS during their first year and remain in the program until they graduate. You are encouraged to utilize the TRIO SSS services we provide through graduation. However, you may join or leave the program at any time.  Transfer students are also welcome and encouraged to apply.

Eligible students can begin the application process by completing the initial application and needs assessment.

Once eligibility is determined, you will need to schedule an intake interview with the TRIO SSS director to discuss your program of study, goals and individualized academic plan.