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The Mission of ACU

ACU’s mission is to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. This mission is achieved through:

  • Exemplary teaching, offered by an innovative and caring community of Christian scholars, that inspires a commitment to life-long learning;
  • Significant research, grounded in the university’s disciplinary strengths, that informs and impacts issues of global importance to the academy, church, and society;
  • Meaningful service as a divine calling that enriches our global society, academic disciplines, the university, and the church to God’s glory.

Fraternities and Sororities

General Information

As recognized student organizations of ACU, F/S join service groups, academic groups and special interest groups in representing ACU’s mission in a variety of unique ways.  Leaders and members of F/S should communicate ACU’s mission as well as their own F/S mission in all of their activities.  This section of the Student Organization Handbook serves as an orientation guide for new members and a leadership guide for officers, sponsors and active members of F/S.  The guidelines in this section are intended to state the purpose, philosophy, rules and regulations regarding F/S to 1) help new members understand F/S and their function and 2) clarify and communicate consistent information to all F/S members and sponsors.

Purpose of Fraternities and Sororities

Since 1919, social clubs, now referred to as Greek Life and Fraternities and Sororities, have been a part of the ACU experience.  Through Greek Life, many students fulfill the need for close, personal contact and for social interaction.  F/S were founded by students who petitioned the University and received approval for their proposed charter.  Therefore, F/S exist as entities granted by the University and must maintain the standards of the University.  F/S participate in a variety of activities including: intramural sports, Sing Song, Homecoming activities, social events and service projects.  The University supports the efforts of Greek Life to stimulate a closer bond of friendship among students and enhance each student’s loyalty to ACU.

Coordination of Fraternities and Sororities

ACU Greek Life is under the coordination of the Student Life Office.  The Senior Coordinator of Fraternities and Sororities is the primary coordinator and serves as the facilitator for Greek Life on campus.

The responsibilities of the office of Senior Coordinator of Fraternities and Sororities include: 

  • Establishing and coordinating regular meetings with Greek Life officers and sponsors.
  • Training all Greek Life officers.
  • Training sponsors and helping them understand their roles and responsibilities as volunteers apart from any other university responsibilities
  • Coordinating communication to the students, sponsors and ACU faculty/staff in regards to Greek Life.
  • Educating the campus community, especially prospective new members, about the process of new member orientation.
  • Educating the campus community, especially F/S officers and sponsors, about the annual Greek Life calendar and process.
  • Supervising and upholding ACU policy and procedures in all Greek Life activities.
  • Monitoring and evaluating all aspects of the Greek Life process with an annual assessment.

Fraternities and Sororities Guidelines and Regulations

In order for a F/S to be active on campus, they must be recognized as an official ACU student organization.  F/S must comply with the policies outlined in the Student Organization Handbook for university recognition.  This includes submitting annual updates prior to the end of each academic year and attending any mandatory training that is required by the Student Life Office.


In addition to the requirements listed in the Student Organization Handbook, F/S will be required to meet with the Senior Coordinator of Fraternities and Sororities to ensure adherence to written protocols.  If current policies are not met, the organization may be placed on a one year probation to acquire the necessary membership requirement and their status as a recognized organization may be removed.  The organization may go through a re-chartering process once it meets the necessary membership requirement.

It is extremely important that all actions of F/S during the school year, especially induction procedures, reflect a positive impact on the individual participants, other students and/or faculty, citizens of Abilene, Taylor County and surrounding areas.  F/S officers and their sponsors must be acutely aware of the community’s response to their actions.  One or two unseemly incidents can negate a world of good that is performed by most F/S throughout the year.

  • The freedom of choice given to individual F/S is possible only when individual F/S take full responsibility for following approved plans and University guidelines for the new member orientation activities.
  • Each F/S, as a whole, is responsible for the actions of its F/S members, current students and alumni toward potential new F/S members. The F/S’s responsibility exists without regard to whether its members are acting alone or as a group, and without regard to whether its members are acting with or without the knowledge of the F/S’s officers or sponsors.
  • The F/S agree to follow and enforce for their members the guidelines developed by the Office of Student Life as well as the University.


As with any other co-curricular activity at ACU, there are eligibility requirements for joining and remaining active in Greek Life.  Any recent conduct probation may impact your ability to participate in Greek Life activities as a new member or a member.  The following list includes the guidelines for eligibility to join:

Students must:

  1. Have completed one long semester of college (beginning spring of 2022) which equates to at least 12 college hours.  There may be circumstances that could allow a student to be exempt from this requirement with the approval of the Senior Coordinator of Fraternities and Sororities.
  2. Be currently enrolled as a full time ACU student (12 or more hours for undergraduate students and 9 or more hours for graduate students).
  3. Be in good academic standing and not on academic probation with the University.


Any student found to be ineligible after registering to join will receive an email from the Office of Student Life explaining the reasons for the ineligibility.  F/S will receive a list of eligible students who registered to join from the Office of Student Life after registration has concluded.  Member eligibility is verified at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.


Existing member requirements include the following:

  1. Be currently enrolled as a residential student at the ACU Abilene campus (6 or more hours for undergraduate students and 9 or more hours for graduate students). A student who joins during their undergraduate program, is permitted to continue participation, so long as the F/S allow. Graduate students are not able to rush and join Greek Life.
  2. Be in good academic standing and not on academic probation with the University.


Any student found ineligible will receive an email giving information and details about the ineligibility. Ineligible students are prohibited from participating in Intramurals, Sing Song, F/S meetings, running for office, voting, socials and formals, and any other F/S sponsored events. F/S will be notified of any member that does not meet eligibility requirements. F/S officers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that ineligible members do not participate in F/S activities. Organizations admitting new members or allowing current members to participate who do not meet the above requirements may face disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, loss of its student organization’s status.


Each F/S charges dues to its members and they may vary some in price. The additional costs of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other merchandise items, as well as the costs of socials, Sing Song, etc., must also be considered.

Considering dues, participating in a F/S at ACU costs approximately $500-$600 per year, depending on the F/S. Expenses during the new member orientation period may be greater than for a typical semester. F/S are required to allow students to make several payments during the semester to ease the financial stress, and cannot penalize a student for choosing to make multiple payments. When a new member pays dues, it is done with the understanding that if that new member chooses to walk away from the joining process, no money will be refunded. If the cost of dues is the only thing keeping a student from participating and they are in a financial hardship, the Office of Student Life may offer a one time scholarship to help with dues. An application may be submitted through this office upon request.


Officers, as well as all ACU students, are expected to uphold the principles of Abilene Christian University as stated in the ACU Student Handbook. These principles include integrity, service, stewardship, involvement and excellence. Officers are at all times expected to represent their F/S and ACU well and should take this responsibility seriously. Students in leadership positions are held to a higher standard. With this in mind, a student’s disciplinary file will be considered prior to any F/S elections. Students who find themselves with a recent conduct probation may not be eligible for leadership positions. Students who have been elected to leadership positions and then find themselves facing conduct probation may be required to resign their office immediately

after all appeals have been exhausted. Academic/chapel integrity violations may also impact a student’s eligibility to run for office. However, the University reserves the right to immediately remove the student leader from his/her position, if the Dean of Student Life determines that serious misconduct has occurred or that the student’s continued leadership presents unreasonable risk of danger to himself or herself or the organization. If at any time a F/S officer is known to have broken any portion of the Student Handbook, the Office of Student Life may remove a member from office. Any F/S member wishing to run for an office must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1) Must meet all eligibility requirements for membership in a F/S.

2) Must be active during the semester that elections take place.

3) Must have at least a 2.75 GPA (ONLY for Executive Officer positions)

4) Must not have a conduct issue with the Office of the Dean of Students (ALL candidates)

5) Must be in good standing with spiritual formation (ALL candidates)

6) Must meet with the organization’s sponsor(s) (ONLY for Executive Officer positions)

7) Must have a 1:1 meeting with the Senior Coordinator for F/S (ONLY for the position of President)

All of the above criteria will be considered on a case by case basis and is eligible for filing an appeal with the Senior Coordinator for F/S upon request.  All FIS officers sign a commitment with the Office of Student Life at the beginning of their term indicating their understanding of these principles. The commitment also states that if the principles are not followed, they will forfeit their position as an officer. A copy of the commitment follows..

Risk Management Officer –

Each Fraternity and Sorority will be required to have one designated officer trained extensively in compliance, safety, hazing, and risk management.  This person will receive additional training and should be a strong guiding voice around new member orientation and all social events.  This officer may have other duties or a new officer role may be added.  The organization’s entire liability is NOT this officer’s sole responsibility, but this officer will be well-mentored and trained to support the President and the F/S and its membership in remaining compliant.


Community Service Officer –

Each Fraternity and Sorority will be required to have one designated officer who will be in charge of maintaining appropriate communication between the non-profit organization that it’s organization is paired with and planning and implementing several activities throughout each semester, so that every member has an adequate opportunity to achieve their five required service hours per semester.  These hours should be compiled and turned into the Senior Coordinator for Fraternities and Sororities by the Friday before Dead Day of each semester.  This officer may have other duties assigned or a new officer position may be created.


Chaplain –

Fraternities and Sororities are required to have one officer serve as chaplain.  The chaplain will be mentored by the office of spiritual formation.  Weekly fraternity and sorority membership meetings will qualify for spiritual formation credit, after the approval of the Dean of Spiritual Formation.  By their nature, participation in ACU’s Greek Life should be spiritually formative.

Student Life will create an expanded training and mentorship plan for officers.  The officers may plan to have training in both the fall and spring semesters.  The dates will be determined at a later date and communicated in advance by Student Life.


Confirmation of Review

Greek Life Handbook Review Confirmation

If you are an active student at ACU and plan on participating in Greek Life on campus, it is required that you read, retain and confirm this information. Please complete the attached confirmation form. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Life.