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About Us

Our Purpose
To enrich the holistic development of each student by encouraging them to recognize and embrace the uniqueness of their personal culture while valuing the culture of others.

Our Mission
To support the overall success and persistence of ethnic and historically underrepresented students at Abilene Christian University.

Our Vision
By the time of graduation each student will be equipped with the knowledge and experience to be active, productive, and vocal leaders within their diverse communities.

Our History

Our History
In 1999, The Office of Student Multicultural Enrichment (OSME) was established and staffed. The functions and responsibilities of the office were:

  • Develop a philosophy and strategic plan to enrich the multicultural character of student life at ACU
  • Plan and coordinate multicultural programming that enhances intercultural understanding and appreciation by undergraduate and graduate student
  • Oversee, advise, and resource student organizations with a specific cultural emphasis
  • Address concerns and needs (academic, spiritual, social, career, counseling, etc.) of minority students by connecting them with appropriate resources
  • Provide advice and mentorship to individual students of color
  • Monitor the campus multicultural environment and the level of student satisfaction, promoting change when needed
  • Serve as an ombudsman for ethnic minority students.

In 2011, OSME became The Office of Multicultural Enrichment (OME). This change expanded the focus of the office to reach the faculty and staff at ACU. Finally, in 2015 it became what it is today, the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA).