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Take your vocation and organization further, faster. Whether you’re an experienced executive or just looking for a career jumpstart, ACU’s Executive Education and Professional Advancement programs can help. Specializing in custom programs that focus on immediate achievement and long-term sustained success, our goal is to increase the worth of you and your organization by equipping you with the strengths of service and leadership. 

Quickly learn a new way of thinking, or transform your entire organization over time; contact one of our partnership specialists now to get started.

Our Programs

ACU’s Executive Education and Professional Advancement initiative is proud to offer four distinct programs focused on developing, matching, and advancing professionals in their careers by providing an innovative and quality education. Focused on a professional’s well-being, servanthood, and vocational formation, each program is uniquely designed to accelerate the holistic growth of each participating individual and organization.

professional advancement

Employee Candidate Program

Geared at closing the skills gap between professionals and organizations, the Employee Candidate Program partners with employers to design custom curriculum pathways for their potential new employees. By recruiting and training high-quality candidates, organizations can begin to build a secure new employee pipeline while work-seeking individuals can start to possess the skills to enter the workforce at little to no cost quickly.

Employee Upskilling

Standing alongside businesses and individuals to meet today’s workforce demands is essential to achieve tomorrow’s vision. Through the Professional Advancement program, companies can have the opportunity to request customizable, relevant programs and packages focused on enhancing their employees’ leadership or technology skills that are relevant to their type of work. Geared to instilling a lifelong learning mindset, businesses and working individuals can start to build applicable skills and long-term knowledge. 

Executive Coaching

Designed to increase your professional development and productivity, the Executive Education program blends academic research and real-world experiences to tailor the learning to your career and organization. As the pace of business accelerates, the need for confident and multifaceted trained employees continues to grow. As such, our program focuses on four critical aspects of building the next generation of highly skilled professionals, including leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, and communication. 

executive education

Emotional Intelligence

Our transformative training programs equip individuals and organizations with essential skills for success. With experienced faculty, customized solutions, measurable results, and flexible learning formats, our EI training is designed to enhance self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication, fostering stronger relationships and driving positive workplace outcomes. Partner with us to unlock the potential of Emotional Intelligence and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

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Corporate Partnerships

ACU Dallas prides itself on advocating for business-to-business partnerships across the state of Texas and beyond. Continuing relationships with leading medical companies, hospitals, sports teams, school districts, and community colleges, ACU Dallas aims to grow its network by offering online degree programs to educators, professional athletes, and business leaders at an exclusive discount.

Featured Partnerships


Empower Your Workforce with Infosec’s Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Training

Tailored for forward-thinking employers aiming to elevate their workforce’s expertise, ACU’s strategic alliance with Infosec, the preeminent leader in cybersecurity training, delivers an innovative curriculum seamlessly integrating Infosec’s cutting-edge training. Immerse your team in a transformative learning experience, where hands-on skills meet academic rigor. ACU recognizes the importance of industry certifications, awarding up to 15 hours of academic credit to expedite your team’s journey to a cybersecurity degree.

Caris Life Sciences

Progressing Precision Medicine with Caris Life Sciences

ACU Online has partnered with Caris Life Sciences, a pioneer Texas-based biotechnology company and leading innovator in precision medicine, to further educate the workforce through four custom academic programs — the Master of Science in Precision Medicine and graduate certificates in precision medicine, precision medicine administration and precision medicine analytics. Together, ACU and Caris are tackling one of our science’s most critical challenges: advancing cancer research.

ESC Region 13

Serving Central Texas Teachers and Students with ESC Region 13

ACU Online has joined forces with Education Service Center Region 13 to provide various educational programs for teachers and students in 57 Central Texas school districts. Offerings will span from high school students to classroom teachers to administrators.


Frequently Asked Questions

Abilene Christian University is proud to partner with industry-leading businesses and organizations to continue its legacy of educating students about Christian service and leadership worldwide. When you partner with ACU, you will receive great benefits, including the opportunity to receive a 10% tuition discount on all online degrees with waived application fees, engage in strong brand-building opportunities with ACU; and join the growing and collaborative Wildcat network. Learn more about our partnership opportunities today. 

Through the Executive Education and Professional Advancement initiative, partners will have the opportunity to partake in any of our four distinct programs, including the Employee Candidate, Executive Education, Professional Advancement, and Corporate Partners programs. Partners can also select any of our standard ACU degree programs or courses by enrolling as ACU Online students.

The Employee Candidate program matches people seeking jobs with employers seeking employees by providing training and mentoring to accelerate the holistic growth of both individuals and organizations for streamlined productivity.

Individuals seeking new employment could benefit from the Employee Candidate program and the Professional Advancement program. Each of these programs provides workers with new marketable skils and connects them with potential employers.

Organizations actively seeking new employees could benefit from the Employee Candidate program and the Professional Advancement program. Each of these programs allows organizations to train future or current employees to maximize their productivity and knowledge.  

Yes, we do! With more than 50 online undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs, you can start or advance your career by speaking with one of our ACU advisors. 

Yes! You can request more information by speaking with one of our advisors today!

The mission of Abilene Christian University is to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. 

We achieve our mission through exemplary teaching, offered by an innovative and caring community of Christian scholars, that inspires a commitment to lifelong learning; significant research, grounded in the university’s disciplinary strengths, that informs and impacts issues of global importance to the academy, church, and society; and meaningful service as a divine calling that enriches our global society, academic disciplines, the university, and the church to God’s glory.

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Through ACU’s more than 40 online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, you’ll receive a powerful learning experience that combines Christian values, real-world skills and career-boosting connections. Our accredited degree programs are designed with busy working adults in mind. That means you can further your education at a nationally recognized university without the need to relocate – all while balancing the demands of work, life, and community.

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Recognized as one of America’s Top Online Colleges for the third consecutive year by Newsweek and Statista Inc., ACU proudly stands among the nation’s premier online institutions. Seamlessly combining a top-tier education with the flexibility of an online format, ACU Online offers you a transformative learning experience. Discover the perfect balance of academic excellence and online convenience as you chart your course to success with ACU.

Executive Education and Professional Advancement News

emotional intelligence

Boost Organizational Success by Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work

Unlocking success in the modern workplace requires more than just technical know-how. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the key to navigating the intricate dynamics of human interaction. Elevate your team’s performance with tailored EI training from ACU. Crafted to address your organization’s unique needs, it’s the ultimate investment in professional growth.

ACU + Infosec

ACU and Infosec Pioneer Innovation: College Credit for CompTIA Certifications

ACU Online is at the forefront of cybersecurity education by teaming up with InfoSec, the number one cyber training company in the country. Our newest program meets growing industry demands and gives learners a jumpstart for a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity.


Top Jobs For 2024

Whether you’re looking to transition from one field to another or seeking alternative ways to get promoted at work, finding the right next job can feel daunting. Luckily, we’ve found the top jobs for 2024 in the most demanding industries.

online degrees

What Employers Think About Online Degrees

With over 1.3 million students taking their college education exclusively online, knowing what employers really think about online degrees is critically important. From the skills obtained during an online program to the accreditation of the university, it’s clear that as online universities become more popular and in demand, employers are more accepting of online degrees.

Dr. Rich Elsasser

ACU, Texas Education Service Center Region 13 partner to address teacher shortage

In an effort to help solve the teacher shortage across the state, ACU and ESC Region 13 are establishing new pathways for prospective teachers to obtain their teaching certification, undergraduate degree or graduate degree while also helping upskill the next generation of district leaders by providing unparalleled opportunities to earn graduate degrees and advance their leadership capacity.

middle manager

Addressing the Middle Managers Skills Gap: A Strategic Approach to Retention and Upskilling

The skills gap for middle managers is a significant challenge affecting employee retention rates and turnover. Developing both hard and soft skills in middle managers can help organizations ensure a skilled and engaged workforce that stays committed to their roles. ACU’s Executive Education and Professional Advancement division is making a significant impact in addressing this challenge. By staying proactive and adaptive in our approach to upskilling managers, we can create a resilient and empowered workforce ready to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.