Test-Optional Policy

Undergraduate Admissions

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Applying Is Easy

ACU wants to support our future students and ease the application process. College admissions exams (SAT, ACT and CLT) are optional. While we still recommend you take a college entrance exam for more scholarship opportunities, we continue to have a holistic review process and consider all submitted application items when making an admission and scholarship decision. Students who do not submit an official test score are required to take a placement exam before enrolling in classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will ACU know I do not plan to submit a test score?

Students will indicate their test score plan on the application. If students select test-optional, their files will be completed and reviewed without a score.

Can I get a scholarship without a test score?

Students who choose not to submit a test score will still be considered for scholarships. However, students will not be considered for the Presidential Scholarship, ACU’s highest academic award, without a college entrance exam.

Will choosing test-optional impact my ACU classes?

No. Students who elect test-optional will be required to take a placement exam prior to beginning at ACU to ensure they are enrolled in the correct courses.

Can I be in the Honors College?

Although test scores are not required for admission to the Honors College, we highly recommend that applicants still submit them. The Honors College considers various factors, such as academic accomplishments, participation in extracurricular activities, engagement in community service, personal drive, leadership qualities, and the content of essays. If you decide to provide test scores, they will be considered along with these criteria.

I am Pre-Health. Do I need to take the ACT/SAT?

If you are considering a degree in pre-health and plan to pursue professional school following ACU, we highly recommend you take the ACT, SAT or CLT.