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Once you’re a Wildcat, you’re always a Wildcat! We are committed to helping you continue your education by offering alumni who earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from ACU a 20% savings on tuition when enrolling in a graduate program through ACU Online. 

Once you’re a Wildcat, you’re always a Wildcat! We are committed to helping you continue your education by offering alumni who earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from ACU a 20% savings on tuition when enrolling in a graduate program through ACU Online. 

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In 2015, ACU underwent a significant transformation with the emergence of online programs tailored specifically for full-time working adults. These innovative programs recognize the evolving needs of this demographic, offering a flexible and convenient modality that accommodates busy schedules and professional commitments. Leveraging the power of technology, these online programs deliver high-quality education through virtual classrooms, interactive modules, and multimedia resources. This shift was in the works long before the events of 2020 and enables individuals to seamlessly balance their careers and academic pursuits while fostering a new era of lifelong learning.

Why return to ACU for your next degree?

alumni tuition discount

Save Money

Affordable online degree programs exemplify ACU’s commitment to making quality education attainable. By leveraging technology and innovative teaching methods, ACU’s online offerings maintain the same academic rigor and integrity as our on-campus counterparts. The average cost of ACU’s online master’s programs is $650 per credit hour, but with the Alumni Tuition Discount, the per credit hour cost is just $520.*

*This discount cannot be combined with institutional scholarships or other discounts. Find out more about our alumni tuition discount by speaking with our alumni admissions advisor today.

Relevant Programs 

From Business Administration to Education, from Marriage and Family Therapy to Christian Ministry, our online degree programs offer you powerful growth opportunities as you take the next step in your career. Most master’s degree programs can be completed in as few as 24 months and align with our undergraduate offerings for a seamless and cohesive educational journey for ACU Alumni.

a professor of the College of Business Administration teaching an undergraduate course

Familiar Faces

Many of ACU’s online courses are taught by residential professors that you know and love. This approach combines the expertise of on-campus faculty with the accessibility and flexibility of a virtual learning platform. ACU Alumni will see many familiar faces in our online classroom and often excel due to their familiarity with the culture, expectations, and academic rigor of ACU.

Streamlined Admissions Process

Experience our streamlined admissions process as an ACU Alumni. The application fee will be waived and there is no need to worry about pulling transcripts – we’ve simplified the process, saving you time and effort. And as a bonus, you will enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on courses, ensuring your educational journey has never been easier or more cost-effective.


Our online degree programs were designed with busy working adults like you in mind. Combining convenience and quality, our fully-online courses are structured to let you focus on one class at a time during seven-week terms. ACU Online students use Canvas for all learning and coursework and Canvas support is provided by ACU student success and academics. Support directly from Canvas is also available on a 24/7 basis for platform-related issues.

Dedicated Support

Chris HendersonMore than 2,500 students currently take classes online with ACU and reflect a vibrant and diverse academic environment. Managing this student population requires well-organized administrative systems, effective communication channels, and comprehensive student support services. Our specialized Alumni Admissions Advisor, Chris Henderson, will balance the benefits of a broad range of academic programs with the need for personalized attention and mentorship as you begin your application process.

“ACU was one of the best experiences of my life not only to help me grow spiritually but also to get a top-quality education and become who I was meant to be! I made friends for life, and enjoyed social club. Being a student-athlete helped me stay focused and encouraged discipline, and laid a great foundation for my overall career path! The worst part was it all went by too fast! ACU will always be home, close to my heart, and a constant reminder of once a Wildcat, always, a Wildcat!”
Chris Henderson, Admissions Advisor
BS in Exercise Science (‘03) & MS in Organizational Development with a Certificate in Conflict Management (

Alumni Spotlights

Misty Song

Misty Song

Master of Education in Higher Education (‘17) & Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership (‘23)

“ACU’s M. Ed program gave me the most positive learning experience, which is the major reason I wanted to earn my doctoral degree from ACU. The support provided by the Library and Writing Center was extremely impressive. I especially appreciate the benefits and support I received from ACU as an alumnus, such as the 15 credits waiver and the alumni tuition discount. I just accepted a position as a faculty and research methodologies at West Texas A&M University. I firmly believe ACU prepared me for this role!” 

Tori Morris

Tori Morris

Master of Education in Higher Education (‘21) & Certificate in Cybersecurity (‘23)

“ACU has a great online program, there was no second guessing on where I wanted to get my cybersecurity certificate. The discount helped make this program more affordable. I am a mother of two girls and this program gave me the flexibility I needed!” 


Charles Grimm

Charles Grimm

Bachelor’s of Business Administration (‘15) & Master of Marriage and Family Therapy Student

“I took a year to do some heavy self-reflection and came to the conclusion that I would go back to school and get a masters for what I really wanted to do when I started my undergrad. ACU offered that degree, which was great because it also offered alumni discounts and I was eager to prove to both myself and the school that I’m far more capable than what I gave during my undergraduate degree. So far, it’s been great! It’s a tough challenge, but I’m grateful that ACU has embraced my return and offered me the opportunity to improve myself.”

Keremy Davis

Jeremy Davis

Bachelor OF ARTS in English ‘08, Master of Arts in Global Service ‘15, Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership ‘23

“Staying with ACU was an easy decision because not only was it a rigorous program, but I was also challenged to think about how my learning could positively influence the people around me, particularly as I wrestled with leadership development in a rapidly changing and complex world.  I was thrilled after I learned about the tuition discount for alumni and grateful that ACU sought to value their alumni’s commitment to higher education. Twenty years after my first visit, I’m grateful for my ACU experience that shaped my story to make a difference in the world.”

Featured Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

ACU’s online MBA program combines courses in leadership, innovation, data-informed decision-making, faith and ethics to equip you to think critically, globally and missionally. The payoff of an MBA begins immediately. As you take your classes, you can implement what you’ve learned into your work.


Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT)

Our COAMFTE-accredited Master of Marriage and Family Therapy program will prepare you for Christian service and leadership in a variety of secular and faith-based clinical, medical or counseling settings. You will receive practical training in couple, family and child therapy, mental illness, substance abuse and addiction, and assessment and diagnosis, along with real-world internship experience.


Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership

Become a scholar-practitioner who directs progress and overhauls workplace culture by conducting and applying your own research. ACU’s online Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership equips you to serve others by providing you with opportunities to enhance your gifts and talents through reflective practice to find meaning and purpose in your work.