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If an employee needs to apply for a university purchasing card, their request for a card should first be discussed with the employee’s supervisor. If the supervisor determines that a purchasing card is needed, the employee will need to fill out a new purchasing card account application for an individual or to request a department p-card along with a signed ACU Purchasing Cardholder Agreement. Both completed and signed forms should be e-mailed to Cardholders for Individual Cards and Responsible Individuals for department p-cards are notified by e-mail once the employee has completed and passed the p-card test. Employees are also notified by e-mail when a new or replacement p-card arrives in the Finance office and is ready for pickup.

Please consider this website as training on ACU’s p-card policies and procedures. There is an account holder guide and training tool available on the main page of SDOL (JP Morgan’s Smart Data On-Line website) to assist with the cardholder’s SDOL needs. Individual and group training is also available if needed; please contact Accounts Payable or University Purchasing to set up a time.

Before a new cardholder receives his/her p-card, he/she will be required to pass a p-card test. Each cardholder must receive at least a 75 on the test. Each cardholder will be required to re-take the test every time the card is up for renewal.