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Prior to Registration

Before beginning the registration process, make sure you have an Advising Release Code from your academic advisor. You will not be able to complete your registration without this code. If you do not have the code, please contact your advisor.

Logging In

  • Log on to my.acu.edu.
  • Click on Banner in the top left of screen
  • Select “Student & Financial Aid” from the menu.
  • Click on “Registration.”
  • Click on “Select Term” and select the term for which you want to register.  Click on “Submit.”
  • Click on “Registration Status” to see if you are eligible to register. Review it carefully before proceeding.
    • Holds – if you have holds, you may view them by clicking on “View Holds” at the bottom of the screen.
    • Academic Standing – if you are (or have been) on academic suspension, you may not be able to register; this must say “permits registration” for you to be able to add/drop classes.
    • Student Status – must also say “permits registration.”
    • Class – your classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.) is determined by your total earned hours at of the end of previous term and determines when you are able to register
    • Degree and Major – if this information is incorrect, you need to fill out a Change of Program form, which can be found on our Forms page. If you are trying to register for a major-restricted class and your major code has not been changed, your advisor may have to register you for that class.
  • Click on “Add or Drop Classes” to go straight to registration, and skip down to the section on this page entitled “Look Up and Register for Classes.”

Look Up and Register for Classes

  • When you have chosen to “Add or Drop Classes,” you will be asked to enter your Advising Release Code; click “Submit” (If you do not have an Advising Release Code, contact your advisor).
  • Click on “Class Search.” Search for classes by selecting a Subject from the drop down box. You may also select additional search criteria such as Title, Day(s) and Times.
  • Click on Class Search to return to the search criteria and look up more classes.
  • To select a course, check the small box next to the course in the far left column.
  • Click on “Register” to sign up for this class. This will register you for the course and add it to your class schedule.  You must contact your advisor to register for variable credit courses.
  • If you want to add a class to your form without actually registering for the class, click on “Add to Worksheet.” This option only places the CRN (Course Reference Number) onto your worksheet while you continue to search for other classes. You may click on “Submit” to register for all classes saved to your worksheet, or you may click “Reset” to clear the CRN’s without registering.
  • At the top of the page is a chart that will list all of the classes you have officially registered for.

Add/Drop Courses

Students may make changes to their schedules via the Web through Friday of the first week of classes during a long semester. You may drop and add courses as follows:

  • In the Action column, change status to “Web Drop/Delete”  and click on “Submit Changes” to drop the course from your schedule.
  • To add a course, click on “Class Search” and repeat the instructions above about adding courses.

View Your Schedule

  • From the main Banner Web menu, click on “Student & Financial Aid.”
  • Select “Registration” and then “Student Detail Schedule;” you may print this from a computer with a local or network printer attached.
  • To see a schedule for a particular week of the semester, select “Student Schedule” and enter the date you wish to see. Click Submit.

Common Registration Errors 


  • Degree and/or Major Restrictions – Banner Web may tell you that a course is open only for students of a specific major or program. If you receive this message, either choose another class or contact your advisor.
  • Prerequisite Restrictions – Banner Web may say that you lack the necessary prerequisites to enroll in a particular course. You may either choose another class or see your advisor if you believe you have received this message in error. Common prerequisite restrictions follow in the list below:
    • A specific course – the course in question requires another course to be taken first
    • A test score – the course in question requires an admissions test score or subscore (such as ACT or SAT) of a certain level
    • Number of hours – the course in question requires that the student have a certain number of earned hours before the course is taken
  • Co-requisite Restrictions – Banner Web may inform you that the course for which you are trying to enroll must be taken at the same time as another course. You may either sign up for the co-requisite course or drop the course with the co-requisite requirement. You must sign up for both courses before clicking the “Submit” button.


Registration Resources

Tips for Successful Course Registration

Because of the large number of students attempting to register at the same time each registration period, web errors and system “time-outs” have sometimes interrupted the registration process. Here are some tips which may help make the process smoother:

  1. Use a computer with a wired (rather than a wireless) port if you are on campus.
  2. Make sure you click on the ‘Select Term’ menu option and choose the appropriate term before clicking on the ‘Add/Drop Classes’ menu option.
  3. Make sure you are eligible for the classes for which you are trying to register. Certain classes have prerequisites or minimum test scores which you must have to enroll in the course. If you do not meet those minimums, it will dramatically slow down your registration process. The online ACU Catalog will have all of these prerequisites in the course descriptions section.
  4. If you receive an error message (such as “your system has timed out” or “processing error”), the best course of action is to log out of myACU and restart the process. It is likely that some of the classes you entered were enrolled and restarting this process will allow you to see what is registered and continue with new registrations.

Technical Difficulties

If you experience technical difficulties, Team55 (325-674-5555) will be able to assist students by answering questions and helping with any problems they encounter.