Paying Your Bill

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Paying Your Bill

Electronic bills (eBills) are available within the first week of the month. If you are an authorized user, please visit the Authorized User Portal.  Students will receive an email notification in their ACU email account stating that their eBill is available in the Wildcat Pay Portal. All charges are due according to the terms on the eBill. Official notification regarding the eBill and other university business is sent to the ACU student email account. Students are responsible for this information and any action that may be required by receiving this information.

To reach financial settlement each semester, students must either: pay the net balance in full, enroll in a Wildcat Pay Plan for the entire net balance, or have an approved loan in place to cover the balance.

Download the How to Navigate the Wildcat Pay Portal for specific instructions on all services the Wildcat Pay Portal offers.

About Wildcat Pay Plan

  • Enroll in a four-, five- or six-month Wildcat Pay Plan per semester for residential students (these plans charge a $50 fee to enroll and some require a 5-10% down payment at the time of enrollment).
    • Note: Separate Wildcat Pay Plans are available for ACU Online Program students.
  • Online students have the options of a 3 or 4 month payment plan along with a payment plan for students in the second part of term (Spring 2).
  • View charges, credits and financial aid in real time.
  • Set up automatic payments using an electronic check credit or debit cards, or by ACH from a checking or savings account.
  • Receive email and text message notification as your plan adjusts to activity on your account.
  • Students can assign an “Authorized User(s)” to have access to view account activity, eBills, and to make payments using a separate username and password; click the “Authorized User” tab in the Wildcat Pay Portal and follow the steps.


Payment Plan Options

Late fees will not be charged if payment is received in full by the stated eBill due date. Late fees equal to 1.242 percent will be charged on unpaid balances each month. If you are enrolled in a Wildcat Pay Plan and are current on all scheduled installments, late fees will not be charged.

Fall I 2022 Online Student Payment Plan Options

Plan Name  Enrollment Fee Open Date  Closing Date Installment Dates
Fall 1 One Time Online Payment Plan July 29 August 22 August 19
4 Month Online Pay Plan $50 July 29 August 22 September 1
October 1
November 1
December 1

Fall II 2022 Online Student Payment Plan Options

Plan Name  Enrollment Fee Open Date  Closing Date Installment Dates
Fall 2 One Time Online Payment Plan September 23 October 13 October 14
Two Month Online Payment Plan $50 September 23 October 17 November 1
December 1


About Wildcat Pay Portal

  • View Statements – Current and previous eBilling statements are available.
  • Make Payments – You can make a single payment or enroll in an interest-free Wildcat Pay Plan.
    • Card users incur a separate, non-refundable convenience fee—2.85% of the payment amount ($3 minimum fee)—at the time of each credit or debit card payment for student accounts.
    • Non-refundable convenience fees will be processed by the Third Party processor, PayPath, and will appear as a separate charge on your credit card statement.
    • eCheck (ACH) payments will continue to be processed in the Wildcat Pay Portal without a convenience fee. ACU will continue to accept check payments by mail at: Abilene Christian University, ACU Box 27940, Abilene, TX 79699-9117.
    • If you would prefer to make a payment in person, Wildcat Central (located in McGlothlin Campus Center) will accept exact cash, personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders.
    • Please do not send cash through the mail.
    • International payments can be made by bank wire through the Wildcat Pay Portal or Flywire.
  • Provide Access to Authorized Users – Students will follow the steps within the Wildcat Pay Portal once they click on the Authorized User tab. During this process they will designate access to authorized users of their choice. The authorized user will then choose a username and password to access the information within the Wildcat Pay Portal.
  • Enroll in a Wildcat Pay Plan – This option allows you to spread your ACU charges over the course of a semester without interest. There is a $50 enrollment fee per term and must be paid at the time of enrollment. Future charges and credits will automatically adjust your payment plan up to 5 days before your payment due date. Note: Separate Wildcat Pay Plans are available for ACU Online Program students.
  • Create a eRefund profile – Be sure to designate a bank account for direct deposit (ACH) in the Wildcat Pay Portal by entering your bank account info on the ‘eRefunds’ tab. If an account is not designated for direct deposit, a check will be mailed to your local mailing address (or permanent address, if no local address is specified). However, the fastest way to receive a refund is to designate a bank account for direct deposit.


About Credit Refunds

If your student account has a credit balance, ACU will automatically refund the credit via direct deposit only to ACH payment methods saved as your eRefund account within the Wildcat Pay Portal. Prior to the 12th day of class each semester, ACU will begin a weekly process to automatically refund credit balances. Since the refund process is automated, there is no need for students to request refunds. View FAQs


Release of Information

The Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) generally prohibits information released from financial and educational records without the student’s consent except in a limited number of circumstances. For more information about FERPA, please visit the Registrar’s website.

If you have questions or problems, feel free to contact Wildcat Central at 888-588-6083.

1098-T Tax Form

  • 1098-T tax forms will be available to students via their Wildcat Pay Portal. They may also receive them via postal mail. Students can change their preferences for receiving this form in their Wildcat Pay Portal.
  • All 1098-T tax forms will be made available to students no later than January 31st each year. Note: Not all students receive a 1098-T. If you did not receive one and were expecting to, please visit the 1098-T FAQ page or contact Wildcat Central.

Credit Refunds

  • If you are expecting to receive a credit refund on your account, you are welcome to set up an eRefund Account so the funds can be direct deposited to your bank account. For more information, visit the Credit Refunds site.