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You are invited to nominate a student for one of the Student Life Honor Awards for the May 2024 Commencement. Honor Awards include: Honor Man or Honor Woman, Trustees Award, the B. Sherrod Scholarship, or the Dean Adams Achievement Award.

We encourage you to nominate as many students for as many awards as you want; you will need to return to this page and submit a new form for each nominee and each award. Nominations should be substantial in length and provide ample information for why the student is being nominated (preferably a lengthy paragraph or longer).


To Nominate a Student

Select a name from the dropdown menu on the form provided on the next page. This form contains a list of students who have been cleared by the Registrar’s office that are cleared to graduate in May 2024. Names will be updated as they clear the Registrar. For students that are intending to graduate and are not on this list, please email Susan Gore with their name and a summary for the reasons you are nominating him/her. Please note that the student must be cleared by the Registrar in order to be considered. Questions regarding eligibility for graduation should be directed to the student’s advisor.

We will accept your nominations for the May 2024 Honor Awards until April 19, 2024 at 5 p.m. Your nominations are reviewed and the final recipients are voted on by the Faculty Student Life Committee.

Thank you for the time and attention you give each year to this important tradition of honoring our students. Your continued support makes it possible for us to recognize representatives of our excellent student body. Please summarize in more than several sentences your reasons for nominating this student.

Student Life Honor Awards

Honor Man and Honor Woman– Character, a recognized example of the ideal student, minimum of 3.25 GPA

Trustees Award– Character, outstanding achievement which has brought honor to the University. Up to 4 students can be chosen for this award

B Sherrod Scholarship– Overall contribution to the University; a minimum of $500 scholarship is included with the award for graduate school (ideally at ACU).

Dean Adams Achievement Award– Character, cultural growth and development, obstacles overcome by student (financial or otherwise).