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Tutoring FAQs

Since classes are all online now, will tutoring still be offered?

Yes, tutoring will continue to be offered for the Fall 2020 semester. It will primarily take place remotely (online) using Google Hangouts or whatever online host the tutor and student agree on. In addition, no fees will be charged for tutoring during this time.

Is tutoring free?

Due to challenges related to COVID-19, tutoring will be free for the 20-21 school year.

How do I get tutoring for a course not listed on the booking site?

To request tutoring for a course not listed, follow the link at the top of the booking page and complete the form. The tutor coordinator will be in contact with additional information. You can also email the request directly to the tutor coordinator at or go by the office located in room 124 of the Hardin Administration Building.

Where do I go for tutoring?

Upon booking, the tutor will email you to confirm the session and determine a meeting location, but UAP is encouraging remote/online tutoring as much as possible.  Sessions can be on or off-campus although on campus is preferred. Tutoring must take place in a public setting and student tutors and those receiving tutoring must adhere to ACU’s policies of masking and social distancing.

What do I do if I need to miss my tutoring session or if I’m going to be late?

If a session is to be missed, the student should try to cancel with as much notice as possible, but at least 2 hours notice is required. No-show sessions and sessions canceled with less than 2 hours notice will result in a fee of $5 per 30 minutes scheduled.  No-show fees are NOT waived during the 20-21 school year. If you’re going to be late, please notify the tutor before the session. Failure to notify your tutor may result in a canceled session. Tutors are only required to wait on you for 15 minutes if you have not notified them of your tardiness.