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Frequently Asked Questions

The faculty and staff of the Center for Pre-Health Professions is diligent in preparing ACU students for career as a health professional and life as a Christian servant. Here are answers to commonly asked questions.


Health professions prerequisites vary slightly by profession. Most professional school programs require at least two years of biology and chemistry, one year of physics and at least one course each in statistics, psychology, sociology and English as part of a four-year degree. 

Your ACU pre-health professions faculty advisor helps you determine the courses you need for your program and offers advice as you plan your class schedules.

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Beyond excellence in academic preparation, applicants to health professions programs are expected to demonstrate a commitment to performing community service, serving in leadership roles, developing cultural competency and maintaining personal experience in healthcare settings. ACU and the CPHP offer many opportunities for personal growth in these areas.

Additionally, our advisors work closely with students to prepare their application materials and interviews. Deans and other professional school representatives are invited to campus for networking opportunities.

There are numerous opportunities to work alongside faculty researchers conducting research that makes a difference in the world. We encourage our students to participate in research with faculty mentors in their departments.  Department websites have more detail about the research being done in each area.