Funding and Financial Information

for International Students

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Federal Regulations

International students must:

  1. Have sufficient funding for their educational costs in the U.S. each year
  2. Submit documents showing evidence of funds for at least one academic year, plus
  3. Show evidence that, barring unforeseen circumstances, you will have the ability to fund your additional years of study as well.

The total funds must at least account for:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Room and board
  • Books
  • Health insurance.

Cost Estimates

Please find current cost estimates below.

These estimates do not include:

  • Travel or any kind of transportation
  • Winter and summer break housing and food
  • Personal items such as medical prescriptions and vaccination costs, travel, clothing, entertainment or emergency funds (be sure to include these in your personal budget).

Determining Financial Sufficiency

To begin this process, please submit the following forms along with bank statements and bank letters.

International Student Financial Agreement 

Note: Students should prepare to upload any personal bank statements and letters with their financial agreement.

International Parent/Sponsor Financial Agreement

Note: Parents and Sponsors should prepare to upload the bank statements and letters for accounts they own that they will use to fund the students’ educational costs.

Best Practices 

Parental sponsorship is best. Bank statements showing the amount needed for the first year or more sitting in the account for at least 3 months are the best way to demonstrate that these funds will be available for your educational costs.

Personal bank statement

If your sponsors are not parents (father or mother), you must submit a personal bank statement showing a balance of at least $5,000 USD to cover some of your initial expenses.

Letter from parent or sponsor’s bank or financial institution

This letter must be on the bank/institution’s official letterhead with a certification statement in English confirming the balance (in U.S. dollars) and the average monthly balance for the most recent three month period. The letter must include the name, signature, title, date and contact information of the bank or financial institution, the currency of the funds, and an official seal or stamp. 

Recent bank statements

Copies of recent bank statements that support the information in the bank letter are usually required.

  • Checking or savings account statements with at least 3 months of history, showing a monthly balance equal to or greater than your student financial responsibility.
  • Business accounts must be accompanied by documents proving sole proprietorship by the sponsor or an official letter signed by all owners approving the sponsorship. Business accounts should also be accompanied by a bank letter, specifying the balance of the account as well as the average monthly balance of the account for the most recent 3-month period.
  • Approved loans from a bank may be submitted as proof of support.
  • Church sponsorship is not acceptable as proof of support.

Note: The total amount of available financial support from all sponsors as evidenced from the bank letters, scholarship documents and statements must be equal to or greater than your annual family financial responsibility as outlined in your award letter.

 Additional documents may be required at the discretion of the Office of International Students and Visiting Scholars.

Students who defer to a new semester will be required to submit new bank documents for the new semester.

Scholarships & Graduate Assistantships

Scholarships or graduate assistantships awarded by ACU may count toward the total amount of support needed. If you receive scholarships from ACU departments or sources outside ACU, please submit scholarship documents along with your personal and sponsor’s financial documents.


Send documents via

  • Email to
  • Fax to 325-674-2966
  • Mail to
    International Admissions
    ACU Box 29000
    Abilene, TX 79699

Graduate students

Send documents via

  • Email:
  • Fax | 325-674-6717
  • Mail to:
    Office of Graduate Admissions
    ACU Box 29140
    Abilene, TX 79699