Nursing Entrance Exam

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TEAS Entrance Exam Testing

1. Students who wish to apply for enrollment in ACU’s nursing program must take the TEAS entrance exam. The exam consists of four different sections and is a total of 209 minutes. The sections include:

  • Math (54 minutes)
  • Science (63 minutes)
  • Reading (64 minutes)
  • English and Language usage (28 minutes).

A minimum score in each section of 58.7% (Math, Reading, Science, and English) must be obtained in a single attempt. Students will receive a copy of their score report upon completion.

2. TEAS section scores may not be pieced together to meet the minimum standards.
3. Students are responsible for the cost of the TEAS exam.

4. Students are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts per calendar year with a maximum of 2 attempts per application/admission cycle. There is a minimum waiting period of 30 days before retaking the exam. Score will not be considered if retesting occurs in less than 30 days or are more than 18 months old. 

5. All students must create a student account at and be able to login on the day of testing. All students are able to test at ACU. Students with disabilities can request test accommodations through the testing center.

For more information about the TEAS or to schedule the exam, call (325) 674-2517.