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About the Center

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Youth and Family Ministry is to provide comprehensive information regarding the spiritual needs of youth and families. We strive to empower and equip youth and family ministers throughout the nation so they can effectively minister to families within the church context.

Our History

The Center for Youth and Family Ministry Studies was established in 1989 by Dr. David Lewis and it became an integral part of the College of Biblical Studies ministry division. Robert Oglesby was selected to lead the Center in 1999. During his tenure, ACU became a recognized leader and one of the largest academic training programs for youth ministers nationally.

Our Dreams

  • Provide youth ministers with equipping seminars and renewal retreats for increased effectiveness.
  • Provide access to various resources of current youth ministry books, seminars and  speakers.
  • Serve as a consultant to ministers and ministries that could benefit from outside intervention.
  • Be a bridge builder between the generations of believers within the church.

Church Consultation Services

Youth Minister Consultation

When a youth minister has left or been released, a church sometimes need some assistance in managing the interim period. I can provide useful information and guidance to help at this crucial time of change and transition. The Hiring Guide is a comprehensive tool to assist a church leadership team through this important process.

Hiring of staff is one of the most important times for a church. It is extremely important to find the best match between the church and the minister to pursue a long term relationship. I can also help a church in locating potential candidates suitable for a congregation’s expectations.

Youth Ministry Program Assessment

Every youth ministry should check in from time to time to determine the effectiveness of their program. Most churches wait too long before asking those questions which can result in more congregational problems or force a change in personnel.

Robert has designed an instrument that helps churches evaluate the effectiveness of the youth minister and the youth program. There are a variety of ways the assessment can be administered. The findings will be included in a written report to the church. If you want additional help in finding solutions, Robert can be used as a consultant to explore action steps.

Meet the Director

Robert Oglesby

Director of Youth and Family Ministry

Contact Robert Oglesby

Youth ministry is a passion of Robert’s life. He devoted much of his life to full-time youth ministry. He found incredible joy in building two youth ministry programs at the Western Hills Church in Temple, Texas, and the Southern Hills Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. He spent the last 16 years with the Southern Hills church before he moved into his role of teaching at ACU.

Robert taught at ACU as an adjunct professor in the Bible department for 11 years before he came on full time with the university.  Across Robert’s teaching career, he has been  able to teach more than 900 full-time youth ministers, and he trained many interns through his work at Southern Hills. Robert still remains active in church work at Southern Hills as a family minister where he teaches and walks with families through crisis situations.

Robert speaks across the country at retreats and family seminars. He is frequently hired as a church consultant to work with church leadership teams. He specializes in the hiring process, church crisis situations and evaluating a youth ministry.

Robert is married to Jenny (Linn), who retired from teaching English in the public school  for the past 34 years.  They have three children & spouses: Dr. Jeffrey and Dr. Lauren Edwards, Greg and Courtney Oglesby and Leslie Oglesby, and five grandchildren who bring them great joy.

Robert Oglesby