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Your passions stretch beyond your academic goals, and at ACU, your opportunities for involvement extend far outside of the classroom. The experience you gain, memories you form and relationships you build in club sports, honors societies and co- or extra-curricular student organizations will contribute to your long-lasting sense of belonging and purpose.

With 100+ student organizations, ACU’s vibrant student life empowers you to get involved and develop connections in the areas you value most.


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As an active student on campus, we value your insight into our student life experiences. We would love to hear from you. Select the organization and share your ideas with Student Life. Learn more at the button below on how to get started with suggesting a new student organization.*

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For more information regarding student organizations, student organization policies/procedures and steps to create a new organization, please contact:

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Student Organization at ACU

Name of OrganizationDescriptionCategory
ACU BandsA unique organization that reaches beyond classroom and rehearsal room walls to create a rich environment where life long relationships are formedSpecial Interest
ACU Club SwimmingACU club swim team is a club that focuses on building community through swimming and friendly competition. We hold practices 3-4 times a week. Special Interest
ACU College RepublicansACU College Republicans offers the opportunity for students to get involved in the Republican Party in a college setting by educating students on the ideals and principles of the Republican Party.Special Interest
ACU DemocratsThe ACU Democrats is an organization that aligns with the Democratic Party of America. We are committed to helping college students become politically educated and get registered to vote. We work closely with the Taylor County Democratic Party and volunteer at many different Democratic political campaigns. We meet weekly at 11 am to create a time to intentionally worship our Creator while also educating college students on current events that affect the world around them. Special Interest
ACU E&PSpecial Interest
ACU EsportsACU Esports is a where students can play competitive video games against other colleges across the nation. It is also a good place to meet other students with similar interests for more casual players.Special Interest
ACU for Life Abilene Christian University's pro-life organization. We are passionate about serving God by protecting all human life.Special Interest
ACU Kinesiology ClubTo further educate Kinesiology majors in topics pertaining to their field, for upperclassmen to prepare and mentor underclassmen through the program.Academic
ACU Pickleball ClubACU Pickleball aims to be a welcoming place for "pickleballers" and fans of the sport to gather and play the marvelous sport of pickleball. Special Interest
ACU Spikeball/Competitive RoundnetSpikeball Team on campusSpecial Interest
ACU Student SectionSpecial Interest
ACU Swim TeamSpecial Interest
ACU Swing CatsACU Swing Cats is a club that celebrates WW2-era music, dance, and culture. We hold weekly lessons and perform for multiple audiences as occasions present themselves. Special Interest
ACU Wildlife Society The Abilene Christian University Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society was chartered in 2012. Our goal is to allow access and opportunities to ACU students to get hands-on experience dealing with wildlife through research and events.Special Interest
ACUityOn-campus Independent Winterguard TeamSpecial Interest
African Students' AssociationWe are an organization that focuses on learning, culture, and community. We value learning about different cultures and also educating others of the rich culture of countries in Africa.Special Interest
AIGA (American Institute of the Graphic Arts)AIGA forms relationships between current students and alumni currently working in the design world. By providing connections and studio visits each semester, our organization allows for professional development within the graphic design sector. In addition to networking, AIGA also provides a place for like-minded students to gather, work through projects or ideas, and meet fellow art & design majors.Special Interest
AIS - Association for Information Systems Student members will gain a competitive advantage to succeed within the IS field, gain world-wide recognition through competition and award programs, network with like-minded students from ACU and around the world, and expand their career opportunities.Special Interest
Alpha Chi National Honor Society A national organization that recognizes and honors the top 10% of ACU graduate and undergraduate scholars and that seeks to provide service to campus and community, to recognize and encourage undergraduate and graduate scholarship, and to host scholarly events on the ACU campus and/or in the Abilene Community.Academic
Alpha Kai OmegaGreek Life
Alpha Psi Omega Greek Life
American Enterprise InstituteACU’s AEI Executive Council seeks to promote the main mission of the American Enterprise Institute, which is to defend human dignity, expand human potential, and build a freer and safer world. ACU’s American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Executive Council seeks to promote substantive conversations about public policy on campus by hosting events and activities throughout the year. We often host lectures or discussions with AEI scholars or local professors, private dinners with scholars, business professionals, or government officials, reading groups; and film viewings.Special Interest
ASCEThe American Society for Civil Engineers is a student organization that provides a place for students to learn about the world of Civil Engineering. ASCE also provides a place for Engineering students to connect with and learn about different engineering firms and potential careers. Academic
Asian Student AssociationThe Asian Student Organization was created by students in order to embrace the various types of Asian cultures, in order to establish a community full of students that are eager to learn more about Asian cultures and customs and to form a strong sense of belonging to those traveling from all around the world. The Asian Student Organization aims to create a form of community among students coming in from different parts of Asia, those of Asian descent, and individuals that aspire to dive deeper into the amazing cultures on this ACU campus. The mission of this association is to glorify God, to spread love, joy, and kindness not only on the ACU campus but in the world and beyond.Special Interest
ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)ASID seeks to connect interior design and architecture students, expand their knowledge, encourage them spiritually, and inspire them to pursue outstanding academic and career goals. ASID is a club where students with a common interest and passion can gather and strengthen friendships, build connections, and have fun.Academic
Aspiring Artists ClubA place where beginner artists can come and learn some art basics, play some art games, and share their passion for art! We love games, art, animations, and nerdy things at Aspiring artists club.Special Interest
ATSO (Athletic Training Student Organization)ATSO seeks to help the future Athletic trainers, Physical therapists, OT, and anyone who is a Kinesiology major or in the medical track. We learning about the bones and muscles of the body. While having a great and learning new and interesting things each week.Special Interest
BioBuds BioBuds is a student run organization of the Biology Department that functions to promote community between students of our department and beyond through chapels, meals, and outside events.Academic
Black Students’ Association (BSU)The ACU Black Student Union (originally Essence of Ebony and formerly known as Black Students’ Association) was founded by a group of concerned students whose purpose was to provide representation and inclusion for African American students. In addition, to cultivate the success and development of the African American student population by creating a community that develops a cultural identity on campus and encourages inclusion while raising awareness of the African American experience, upholding Christian morals, and policies of Abilene Christian University. This organization began in December 1996 and continues today as an official Abilene Christian University organization.Special Interest
Block and Bridle The Block and Bridle Club is a student led organization with the mission to educate students of agriculture about innovations in the industry and prepare them for professional careers. Block and Bridle is founded on Animal Science and focuses on promoting the animal sciences and agriculture. Special Interest
Brothers Inc.Special Interest
CABCAB is an organization that is designed to create environments for all students to come and enjoy free events with peers and create community. Putting on inviting events that will reach all students of all areas of life! Special Interest
Chemistry Club Promote chemistry and bio-chemstry and foster relationships between chem/biochem students, staff, and faculty.Special Interest
Collegiate Entrepreneurs OrganizationInforms, supports, and inspires college students to be entrepreneurial and seeks opportunity through enterprise creation. CEO is the premier global entrepreneurship network, serving more than 20,000 students through 400 chapters at colleges and universities.Special Interest
Delta ThetaDelta Theta is a sorority founded in 1925 at Abilene Christian University. The sorority's purpose is to ensure lasting friendships between its members while upholding the traditions and legacy of the classes before them. The sorority is committed to service and leadership on campus and in the greater Abilene area, including hosting fundraising events and actively volunteering in the community. Greek Life
DET Club (Digital Entertainment Technology) Welcomes students interested in learning more about video game development, film production, animation, or any other form of digital entertainment or digital media to expand their resources as they enter the film & game industries.Special Interest
Delta Tau Alpha (DTA)Delta Tau Alpha is a National Agricultural Honor Society that aims to promote and recognize high standards of scholarship, leadership, and character among agricultural students.Greek Life
Financial Management AssociationAn ACU student organization focused on expanding professional opportunities for students within finance.Academic
Frater SodalisFrater Sodalis's goal as a fraternity is to help men grow in their spiritual life through fellowship and brotherhood. Greek Life
GalaxyThe Men of the Fraternity of Galaxy aim to, in all things, put God first, others second, and self last. We spend every moment as a club seeking to become men of excellence and to represent that charter in all that we do. Greek Life
Gamma Sigma PhiEstablished in 1968, the men of Gamma Sigma Phi strive to live "In Christian Brotherhood" everyday. Gamma Sigma Phi attempts to know our selves, our brothers, and our God. Through silent service and humble dedication GSP works to create men of Christian character. Greek Life
GATAGATA's mission is to glorify God by being a diverse Christian sisterhood committed to love and purity. As the oldest sorority on campus, GATA takes immense pride in our colors red and white. GATA also takes pride in forming friendships that stretch across many generations! GATA is always striving to foster community with others and aims to inspire young women to continue to grow their spiritual faith, values, character, and confidence! Greek Life
Hilltop A cappellaSpcial Interest
Hispanos Unidos The mission of Hispanos Unidos is to foster the success and development of the The mission of Hispanos Unidos is to bring together the ACU campus by means of events and weekly chapels that are focused on promoting and educating others on Hispanic culture.Special Interest
Honors Council Special Interest
Indian Culture AssociationA place where people interested in the Indian culture can come together to celebrate traditional events and customs. Also any and all groups are welcomed to ICA. Special Interest
Inland Ocean Coalition ACU ChapterThe Inland Ocean Coalition chapter at ACU strives to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world, by creating a space where they can learn how advocating for the ocean is connected to God's desire for His people to care for the land and seas. Genesis 1:26-30Special Interest
International Justice MissionInternational Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization that protects people in poverty from violence. Their vision is to rescue millions, protect half a billion and make justice unstoppable. At ACU, we hope to help in raising awareness of human trafficking and spend time in prayer for those fighting for their lives every single day. Come to chapel to learn more about justice, how it relates to our faith, and what the Bible has to say about it!Special Interest
International Student Association The mission of the International Students' Association is to cultivate a community that would help integrate and support international students to grow at ACU. We strive to be a Christ-like community in which students can grow together spiritually, academically and socially. We work towards celebrating and raising greater awareness of the international cultures represented here through our students.Special Interest
K-Pop ClubWe are a new club that focuses on bringing community to those who have an interest in the genre of music/dance. It's a chill time to watch MVs, play games, dance, and find others who like the same thing. It's also a great learning opportunity for those who are not familiar with the music.Special Interest
Ko Jo KaiFounded on November 17, 1919, Ko Jo Kai's purpose is to encourage closer bonds of friendship and sisterhood in Christ, loyalty to ACU, and bring about a greater appreciation of real values of life and service to others.Greek Life
Learning Disabilities Students Association Special Interest
Midnight Worship Midnight Worship is a student worship organization that exists to provide a place for college students in Abilene to encounter and be transformed by God through worship and prayer on Friday nights at midnight. Each week, we have anywhere from 300-1,200 students gathered together at Highland Church to praise the Lord together!Special Interest
Military and Veterans AllianceAbilene Christian University's Military and Veterans Alliance is a great space for any active military personnel on campus or children of military members. Whether you have been in the military, have a parent in the military, or are thinking about joining up come visit us and check our what military life is all about! Military and Veterans Alliance
Missions Students Association The Missions Student Organization (MSA) is a group who is passionate about serving the Lord at ACU, in Abilene, and to the ends of the earth. We are a place of community and encouragement for anyone who is interested in learning more about what "living missionally" might look like in their own life!Special Interest
Morris+MitchellSpecial Interest
Mu Sigma National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is an organization that encourages pre-professional students to become equipped in their career field through service projects, training, and events. The goal is that the students' passion for speech and language will continue to increase with the more exposure that students gain through NSSLHA. The Abilene Christian University chapter has earned gold honors for 3 years due to the efforts of their diligent officers and the incredible participation of their members. Academic
NSSLHANational Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is an organization that encourages pre-professional students to become equipped in their career field through service projects, training, and events. The goal is that the students' passion for speech and language will continue to increase with the more exposure that students gain through NSSLHA. The Abilene Christian University chapter has earned gold honors for 3 years due to the efforts of their diligent officers and the incredible participation of their members. Special Interest
Nu Kappa PsiA Fraternity designed primarily for young African American men and other minorities in order to create a safe space on ACU’s campus for the purpose of promoting spiritual growth, mental health, and a brotherhood that will last for generations.Greek Life
Omicron Xi ChiThe Omicron Xi Chi social club is designed to enhance the ACU experience for Black women, while welcoming and maintaining inclusion for all women. The club shall empower young women leaders to be all that God has created them to be through spiritual, mental, and academic growth while building relationships and bonds between minority women of all backgrounds and promoting and educating about the impact of Black Greek Lettered Organizations on Black history. Greek Life
Phi Eta Sigma This is our local chapter of Phi Eta Sigma which is a national academic honor This is our local chapter of Phi Eta Sigma which is a national academic honor society. Students are invited to join based on their first-year academic performance and induction occurs in the fall semester following student's first year.Academic
Pre Vet ClubThe Pre-Veterinary Club offers a unique opportunity for all students interested in building community and growing their knowledge in the animal health industry. The Pre-Vet Club is a sub club of the Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Club (AES), of the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (A&E) Department, specifically aimed at helping any students who are interested in secondary school for a DVM. Special Interest
Red Thread Movement A student initiative to combat sexual slavery by raising awareness and funds. Red Thread Movement is an organization that works to raise awareness and fundraise for those affected by sex trafficking. We specifically focus on women in Nepal who have been rescued and placed in safe houses. As an organization, we strive to educate ACU students and assist the affected women rebuild a life for themselves in every way we can. Special Interest
Sanctify Hip Hop DanceSanctify Hip-Hop Dance Team finds community and a home here on campus. We bring a different style of dance to campus and use our gifts to uplift Christ.Special Interest
SAND The Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is a professional organization that focuses on the development of nutrition students into dietitians. Special Interest
Student Accounting Internship (SAO) The Student Accounting Organization is a group for accounting majors that is student led and supported by the ACU accounting faculty. Its purpose is to help accounting students prepare for their futures, network with peers and professionals, and provide opportunities to learn more about their field and the career options accounting has to offer.Special Interest
SEALSIs a chapel that stands for Saints Evangelizing All Lost souls and we come together to learn how to really connect with god as each month has a certain topic at the moment we are on new era and about to switch over to Fearless we meet every Tuesday 7:30pm bible building room 130Special Interest
Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi is a Spanish honor society that is dedicated to academic excellence, a love of the Spanish language, and service to our community. The mission is to provide a space that allows students that have taken advanced Spanish classes to be able to come together and celebrate Hispanic culture.Academic
Sigma Theta ChiFounded in 1969, the sorority of Sigma Theta Chi has aimed to "Seek Through Christ" in all we do. We strive to live our lives informed by the gospel and Christ's sacrifice for us as his daughters. Our motto remains, love welcomes all people to join in our quest.Greek Life
SistersSisters is a student ran organization created to provide a safe space for minority women on campus . We hold events and meetings to give women at ACU the opportunity to create bonds with each other. Our mission is to empower young women to be all that God has created them to be through spiritual, mental, and academic growth.Special Interest
Society of Physics Students To encourage interest and provide understanding for students, faculty, and To encourage interest and provide understanding for students, faculty, and the community. It is a professional organizations specifically designed for students. Membership is open to anyone interested in physics.Academic
Society of Professional JournalistsOrganization catered to Journalism majors Academic
Society of Women EngineersAcademic
Student Government Association TO BE GOOD STEWARDS OF OUR GOD-GIVEN GIFTS; TO REPRESENT THE DIVERSE Since 1923, the ACU Student Government Association has sought to enrich the student experience through purposeful representation of the student body. We do this through advocating on behalf of the students to administration, organizing events to strengthen the student community on campus, and funding student groups on campus to maximize the potential for each student to become their best self here at ACU.Special Interest
Student Nursing Association SNA is an organization intended to foster fellowship among pre-nursing and nursing students. We use small group chapel as an opportunity to share personal stories regarding nursing school, to encourage one another in faith as we continue on our journeys to becoming nurses, and so much more.Academic
Student SHRM ChapterSHRM is a national organization and we are a student chapter. We are planning on connecting work and faith! Human Resource is the people's side of business. Our focus is on how we have a unique opportunity to make a direct impact on employees. The Society of Human Resource student chapter meets to discuss HR topics, to network, and to grow professionally.Special Interest
Student Social Work AssociationThis is an organization that supports social work students on campus. We provide a safe place and guidance. We strive to build community through departmental chapel and events. Academic
Sub T-16 Greek Life
The Human CollectiveSpecial Interest
The Shinnery Review The Shinnery Review is a student-led art and literary magazine featuring student work at Abilene Christian University. Our purpose is to promote and celebrate student arts by showcasing poetry, prose, art, music, and photography, offering everyone at ACU a place to express their voice.Special Interest
Third Culture KidThird Culture Kids are people that have grown up between cultures and thus do not fully belong to one single culture. In our meetings and gathering we will have chapel to worship, pray, grow together and have events where we hang out and learn how to move throughout the world being proud to be a mix of many cultures. Special Interest
Tri Kappa Gamma Founded in 1986, Tri Kappa Gamma strives to empower women while leading them towards friendship, service, and dedication. TKG stands for "To Know God," and we exemplify this by providing a safe and loving sisterhood where women from diverse backgrounds become confident servant leaders. Greek Life
TRIO Student OrganizationSpecial Interest
TrojansTrojans seek to lead through a Christ-like example in everyday life. Trojans promote excellence in every aspect of life, in or outside club activities.
Trojans take pride in what we do and be courageous and confident. Trojans seek to build a unity of brotherhood among our members. Trojans seeks to create a unified campus that breeds positive relations between other social clubs.
Special Interest
W-ClubThe purpose of W-Club is to recognize outstanding academic achievement of Christian young women and help these young women realize their potential. The club uses weekly chapels, service activities, and social events to provide instruction, growth opportunities, and encouragement to aid young women in recognizing and achieving their goals. Academic
Wildcats for Sustainability The Wildcats for Sustainability is a community that works to support inclusivity and social
justice specifically through promotion of the responsible and sustainable use of shared resources. We have worked in sustainability service projects, including university
recycling. We are currently focusing on increasing recognition of the spiritual and
religious perspectives the connect sustainability to social justice through collaborative
chapel lunch events.
Special Interest
Young Democratic Socialist of AmericaThe goal of democratic socialism is to create a society where the creative powers and potential of society are fully unchained from capitalism. The key to political action is building the creative and collective power we need to succeed, and supporting each other so we can have the space to grow, learn, and thrive. Most importantly, we fight for structural changes in our society: empowering the oppressed and building a movement to challenge capitalism, sexism, racism, homophobia, and imperialism, and having a vision for a better, more just future.Special Interest