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Fees & Insurance

The flat fee for medical office visits is $10 for all students and $40 for all other patients. There are additional costs associated with lab work, tests, medications, injections, medical supplies and rental equipment. These costs vary based on what treatment service is provided.

Referrals for lab work, x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, ER visits, etc. are billed separately by an outside health provider. We are able to send the patient’s insurance information along with the referral at the request of the patient.

The ACU Medical Clinic does not accept insurance. We can provide the patient with a detailed walk-out sheet for insurance filing purposes. The walk-out sheet will contain all pertinent information required for insurance filing purposes. Payment for service is expected at the time of service. Payment can be made in the form of cash, check, credit card or can be charged to the student’s Banner account.