First Day Tips

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Work Hours

ACU offices are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  These are the normal work hours.  If your schedule is going to be different from the normal office hours, your supervisor will discuss this schedule with you.

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Dress Code

ACU does have a dress code that employees are expected to follow.  For the guidelines on what to wear, please see the Dress Code policy from the Employee Handbook.  If you are required to wear a uniform or something outside of the dress code policy, your supervisor will discuss this with you.

Faculty/Staff Frontline Technology Support

The Helpdesk is an ACU faculty/staff’s one-stop-shop for frontline technical support while working for the University.


Where to Park

Please seek out available parking in Faculty/Staff Only lots or All Permit lots at a location that is most convenient to you.