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Instructions for Filling Out Job Descriptions

When composing a Job Description for staff employees, please adhere to the outline in the Job Description Template (downloadable) and described below:

Position: State title, including department and name of current employee.

Scope: The proverbial “25 words or less” description of the position.

Basic Responsibilities: These are the four to five major functions within the job. Each should account for at least 20% of your time. Basic responsibilities are to scope what goals are to a mission statement.

Essential Duties of the Position: These should be selective, highly representative examples. They serve to illustrate basic responsibilities and exemplify breadth and depth of major functions.

Qualifications: What we need are qualifications we would seek in a hypothetical replacement. Examples of professional qualifications are degree, experience, certifications, etc. Personal qualifications include such items as communication ability, supervisory skills, etc. Use the word “required” in the job description means that only applicants with those qualifications are eligible to apply. Use “preferred” when that is the intent.

Other Qualifications: Depending on the position, the appropriate statement should be inserted here. If you are unsure whether or not the position requires Church of Christ membership, consult Human Resources.

Professional Development Requirements: These are the minimal skills needed to succeed at this job. Examples include such things as knowledge of a personal computer operating system, a word processing package, a spreadsheet program, or an ACU network program such as Banner. Training modules required would include classes or training the position will require. Examples include such things as Customer Service training, Telephone Techniques, and Business writing.

Physical Demands: These are the physical demands that are regularly required to perform this job. They include exercises such as sitting, talking, walking, lifting, etc. Please be specific in regard to the amount of time, frequency, weight, etc., when describing these demands.