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Dean of Students Office

Abilene Christian University maintains a Christian discipline, promoting a way of life that is intended to uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ, calling all people to God’s truth. Therefore, community life at ACU is a disciplined life. Community standards reflect biblical principles and traditional Christian teaching and encourage students, staff and faculty to live lives of holiness, honesty, decency and civility. The intent of all discipline is to enhance growth and maturity, especially responsibility for one’s own behavior and accountability for one’s own actions.

ACU’s philosophy of discipline is neither legalistic nor permissive. Instead, members of our community are called to a high standard of behavior in order to establish and maintain an environment conducive to learning and personal growth. Our desire is that all people reach their greatest potential in Jesus Christ.

The Dean of Students Office promotes Christ-centered community standards through education and accountability while maintaining consistency and fairness in the disciplinary process. The Dean of Students Office conducts hearings, coordinates administrative investigations, and provides case management to assure disciplinary responses are successfully completed.

Through individualized interventions, the department strives to change future behavior. During interaction with the department, students are:

  1. Educated on student conduct polices
  2. Challenged on how and why decisions may negatively impact their lives and the lives of others
  3. Actively engaged in conversation about spiritual aspects of their behavior that affect personal relationships and community