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Student Productions

Sing Song

Sing Song, one of ACU’s most-loved traditions since 1957, is an a cappella singing competition in which students prepare rewritten medleys of popular songs that are performed with costumes, sets, and choreography that relate to their chosen theme. Each year, a top act is chosen from each of the three divisions: Men’s, Women’s, and Class.

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Follies is a freshman-only lip-sync competition hosted by ACU each Fall as a part of Family Weekend. While Follies has changed many times since its first incarnation in 1970, it remains one of the highlights of the Fall semester for the ACU community.

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A Cappella Groups

A cappella has a rich tradition at ACU, dating back to the founding of the University in 1906. ACU has three student-led a cappella groups: Foundation, Hilltop, and Grace Note. These groups help serve as praise teams for chapel, sing at on-campus events like Summit and Sing Song, and perform several concerts throughout the year.

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