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Leading, Educating and Developing Servants

ACU values leadership — the kind that stands in front of the group and the kind at work behind the scenes. Our mission is to prepare students to serve and lead. ACU Leads is a new way to develop and support student leaders into servant leaders while aligning with Compass. First-year students and current leaders of student organizations will earn badges to mark their progress along their journey.

Stepping Forward into Her Calling

“Everyone of us is called to be a leader in some aspect, to use our gifts to lead. I have had so many leadership opportunities already. They’ve taught me humility and helped me gain confidence — confidence to ask questions, talk with my professors and take responsibility for my own education.”


Madison Meador
Nashville, Tennessee
Physics major with leadership roles in a cappella groups, Chapel, sorority and Midnight Worship


Number of Student Organizations

Emerging Leaders

Launched Fall 2022

Elected Leaders

Coming Fall 2023

Elevating Student Potential

ACU Leads will enhance student leadership development across campus, reflecting our mission and strategic plan through two tracks to reach students. Incoming freshmen will follow the Emerging Leader track as they become acquainted with ACU and our vision for the world beyond campus. Established students who are selected as leaders by their peers and professors will pursue the Elected Leader track to leverage the most potential for themselves and the organizations they lead.


“If this process has taught me anything in the last two years, it’s been how to lead people through difficult and last-minute changes with grace and understanding, and that’s been one of the most important aspects for everyone involved.”

Riley Fisher, Sing Song Director and Chief Photographer and Social Media Director of The Optimist


Abilene Christian University’s senior leadership exercises diligent stewardship of all our gifts, but especially our most important, ACU students.

Compass defines your rich experiences as a student and your meaningful career after commencement, integrating ACU Leads with other immersive experiences on campus.

Our students learn to demonstrate leadership in the most wholesome, sacrificial way – through servant leadership. Learn about more opportunities to practice service toward others.