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International Students Association (ISA)

ISA cultivates a community to integrate and support international students’ academic, spiritual and social growth at ACU. We celebrate the international cultures represented by our students through annual events like the Ethnos Culture Show, International Food Festival, Spring Escape and Spring Banquet as well as a weekly small group ISA Chapel.

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Facebook: @isaculture
Instagram: @acu_isa

ACU students from Africa

African Students Association (ASA)

ASA is an innovative group that nourishes students’ African identity. We celebrate and raise awareness of the diverse African cultures and all they have to offer. We promote community through our events like CHOMA African Food Festival and African Awareness Week, giving back to the local Abilene community as well as contributing globally to our communities back home in Africa. We welcome everyone to join us and share in our focus on the mother continent of Africa.

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Instagram: @acu.asa

Asian Student Organization

The Asian Student Organization embraces the various Asian cultures represented on ACU’s campus to form a home for those from around the world while welcoming a community eager to learn more about our amazing cultures and customs. Together, we glorify God and spread love, joy and kindness on the ACU campus and beyond.

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Instagram: @acu_aso

ACU Indian Student Association

Indian Culture Association (ICA)

The Indian Culture Association is a student organization that values and shares Indian culture and traditions.




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Instagram: @acu_ica

Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kids recognizes the unique experiences of students who left their native culture and moved to a completely new one, standing with one foot in their or their parents’ old culture and the other foot in their new one. We empower other TCKs in their transitions and promote cultural diversity on campus through biweekly dinners and retreats.

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Instagram: @acu_tck