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Alpha Scholars and Student Support Services
Naoemi Sanchez headshot

Naoemi Sanchez
Associate Director of Academic Support Programs 

Naoemi serves as the Associate Director of Academic Support Programs overseeing campus tutoring, university testing, Alpha testing, and supplemental instruction. She graduated from McMurry in 2009 with a BA in Art and a BA in Business Administration. She also graduated from ACU in 2014 with a Masters of Education with a concentration in Higher Education and an added focus in Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Naoemi is passionate about working with first generation students and serves as an advisor for ACU’s First Gen program. Naoemi is an Abilene native. She has an 11 year old daughter named Berlin and three cats, Oliver, Pip, and Joey.  In her spare time she enjoys photography, running, and painting.

Abbey Green smiling at camera

Abbey Green
Deputy ADA Coordinator
Student Services Specialist for Online Education

Abbey is a licensed social worker who serves as Deputy ADA Coordinator and Student Services Specialist for Online Education. She graduated from ACU in 2014 with undergraduate degrees in Social Work and Sociology and completed her master’s degree in Social Work in 2020. Abbey is passionate about access for students with disabilities and loves watching students grow into their giftings. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, baking something new, and enjoying the outdoors.

Tiffany Brown smiling at camera

Tiffany Brown
Accommodations and Testing Specialist

Tiffany serves as the Testing and Accommodations Specialist with the University Access Programs. Tiffany worked as a student worker with the University Access Programs last year, and is so excited to stay with the program and spend more time with the students at ACU. Tiffany graduated from ACU with her Bachelor’s of Social Work in May of 2020 and is in the process of getting her Master’s in Social Work this year. Tiffany has lived in Texas all her life, but was able to study abroad (twice!). Tiffany loves traveling, cooking, having game nights, and spending quality time with her loved ones.

Kaitlynd Satterfield headshot

Kaitlynd Satterfield
Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
Academic Support Specialist 

Kaitlynd serves as Supplemental Instruction Coordinator and Academic Support Specialist. She graduated from ACU in 2018 with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and went on to complete her master’s degree in College Student Personnel Administration at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2020. Kaitlynd is creative, passionate, and dedicated to improving postsecondary education access and experiences for individuals with disabilities. She has an innate interest in assisting and empowering others to reach their full potential regardless of their age or background. In her free time, Kaitlynd enjoys playing with her dog, Morty, spending time with friends, and catching up on her favorite podcasts


Lucy Dawson
Associate Director
Office of International Students and Visiting Scholars

Lucy is the Associate Director of the Office of International Students and Visiting Scholars (OISVS), with a focus on immigration advising for F-1 and J-1 international students and scholars as well as ACU faculty and staff. Lucy grew up loving languages and cultures.  She studied abroad at a German University for a year, and spent about 7 years studying and working in China.  She loves walking alongside others in their cross-cultural journey and helping them navigate the ins and outs of life here.  She holds a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an MA in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College.  Lucy loves playing piano, hiking in the  mountains, and learning and laughing with anyone gathered around her table, which may include her husband, Martin, 3 college-age children and 3 English springer spaniels.

Veronica Summers headshot

Veronica Summers
International Student Services Specialist

Veronica serves as the International Student Services Specialist and Advisor for the International Students Association. She was born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines where her parents were missionaries for several years and moved to Abilene in 2009 to attend ACU. Veronica graduated from ACU in 2012 with her Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and will soon be completing her Masters in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Bible and Communications. She loves working with international students and learning about different cultures and is always eager to help students as they transition and adjust to life in the United States.

D’ Angelo Valentino Sands Headshot

D’ Angelo Valentino Sands
Director of TRIO- Upward Bound
President-Elect Texas TRIO Association

D’Angelo Sands is the director of TRIO Upward Bound. D’Angelo holds a BS degree in Exercise Science from Abilene Christian University and is currently in pursuit of an MS degree in Organizational Development from Abilene Christian University. His professional interest includes government relations, policy development, advocacy, social justice, professional development, and organizational development.

D’Angelo is a native of the Bahamas and has two children with his wife Janelle, who is also an ACU Alum.

Thurmond Metters headshot

Thurmond Metters
Educational Coordinator for TRIO- Upward Bound

Thurmond Metters serves as the Educational Coordinator for TRIO Upward Bound program. He graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from ACU in 2005, and is currently in the process of completing his Masters of Social Work degree. Thurmond married the “love of my life” Camile in 2010, and together they have 3 boys: Jacques Kane (21), Thurmond Jr. (5), and Lincoln (2).

Kelsey Leverett Headshot

Kelsey Leverett
Development Advisor for TRIO- Upward Bound

Kelsey serves as Development Advisor in TRIO Upward Bound. She graduated from ACU in 2015 with her bachelors degree in political science with an emphasis in criminal justice. She has served the Abilene community as a police officer and a victim advocate at Noah Project. She is currently in graduate school studying counseling psychology. Kelsey is passionate about serving others and loves this aspect of her job. She loves walks with her dog, Remington, and all things Disney.

Gayla Herrington headshot

Gayla Herrington
Director of TRIO- Talent Search

Gayla Herrington is the director of TRIO Talent Search (Federally Funded Grant through ACU) and is a first-generation college graduate (ACU class of 1988) and child of poverty herself, she now has a Master’s in Technology Education and undergraduate degrees in Business and Computer Science education. She spent 12 years as a classroom teacher. She loved teaching in the classroom but is thankful for the opportunity to partner with Abilene Independent School District to benefit more students. She is married to Don and has three children and four grandchildren.


Kimberly Crockett attended San Angelo State University, and for the past 16 years she worked as an Office Manager in a doctor’s office. As Administrative Coordinator for TRIO Talent Search, she is responsible for all student records, all office management, and making sure the advisors have the available supplies to work with students in schools. She is married to Philip and has three children and three grandchildren

Randy Scott Sr. Headshot

Randy Scott, Sr.
Middle Schools Advisor for TRIO- Talent Search 

Randy Scott is a college advisor in the middle schools for the TRIO Talent Search program. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Abilene Christian University. He has worked with children in Abilene for many years and has been with TRIO Talent Search since 2005. He enjoys seeing the students succeed in all they do. He is married to Ruthie and has two children and seven grandchildren.

Joshua Hunter headshot

Joshua Hunter
Advisor for TRIO- Talent Search  

Joshua Hunter is a college advisor to the High School students for the TRIO Talent Search program. He has his Bachelors of Science in Social Work from Abilene Christian University. He is working toward getting his Master’s in Social Work. He has done internships in Communities in Schools and Hendrick Pathways. He believes God can use your gifts, talents and abilities however he wants and that pursuing higher education is a way to cultivate those gifts while you chase your dreams.

Student Workers and Interns

Yunxi Wei headshot

Yunxi Wei
Student Worker

Yunxi serves as a student receptionist at the UAP office and works specifically with the Office of International Students and Visiting Scholars (OISVS). Yunxi is a senior, Mathematics major from Shenyang, China. She first landed in Texas when she came to Austin for high school. Yunxi loves and often misses her home city but Texas has also been her second home. Yunxi enjoys using her experience as an international student, studying abroad far away from home, to support and encourage those who are on the same journey. Yunxi loves cooking, baking, and enjoying nature during her free time.


Anna Kleen
MSW Intern- Academic Coaching

Anna graduated this year with her bachelors degree in social work. She is going directly into graduate school to continue her education in social work and will graduate in May of 2021. She will be serving as an intern this year for UAP and is thrilled to begin in the fall. She is excited to grow her professional skills and is happy to have the opportunity to help students at ACU succeed. She enjoys spending time with her friends, discovering new music, and taking trips to the beach.

Mariesha Shaw headshot

Mariesha Shaw
MSW Intern- Bridge Students

Mariesha serves as a Financial Aid Counselor in Wildcat Central at ACU. She was born and raised in Mckinney Texas and graduated from ACU in 2018 with her bachelors in child and family services. She is currently in graduate school working on her masters in social work. She is passionate about working with students of all backgrounds to help them be successful in their studies while navigating life on a college campus

Cameron Jolley headshot

Cameron Jolley
Student Worker- Bridge Students 

Cameron is from Fort Worth Texas and beginning his junior year at ACU. Studying Communications with a concentration in Public Advocacy along with a minor in Professional Writing. He is passionate about helping his fellow peers feel welcomed on campus and finding their place in the ACU community. Along with feeling welcomed, he strives to provide information on all the different organizations and resources that are available at ACU. Cameron wishes to work in public advocacy and help those who struggle in more ways than one. Having been involved in many different organizations all over campus, he is very excited to be working in the department in order to meet many different walks of life and help assist students when needed.

Arnold Yanni Charles headshot

Arnold Yanni Charles
Student Worker- OISVS 

Arnold Yanni Charles is a Political Science honor student, minoring in business, english, philosophy and public service. He is a Indian-Sri Lankan that grew up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has one of the most colorful personalities you will ever come across. He wishes to become an international lawyer, secure a position in the United Nations and change the world. Arnold is the epitome of extroversion and will go out of his way to meet someone new or indulge in a new experience. He is exhaustingly active all over campus, involved in several student organizations and the Student Government Association. Always being the “international kid” he has learned to love being exposed to various cultures and hence he quickly found a home in the OISVS. Arnold is driven by Love, Passion, and Ambition. He hopes to share his drive with his community of fellow international students.