International Student Pre-Arrival Handbook 2024

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Hi Everyone!  

Welcome to the International Student pre-arrival pages.  This section contains vital information you need to know before coming to the U.S.!   The main sections are Pre-Arrival Immigration and Pre-Arrival Resources.  

There are lots of things you should do before you leave home, so please check out each page carefully.  


We are available for any questions you have!  You’ll be hearing from us regularly, so just reply to our email. We can’t wait to see you at the OISVS Check-In and INTL 101:  Orientation for Global ACU Students.

We look forward to meeting you soon! 

Veronica and Lucy

Office of International Students & Visiting Scholars

Our mission is to provide high-quality, life-changing opportunities for cross-cultural learning that have Christ at the center. We provide advice & counsel,  support services & programs to international students and scholars as well as ACU faculty and staff concerning the federal immigration regulations and cultural education topics to support ACU’s diverse international community.

OISVS Check-In

All F and J international students must attend in-person check-in with their documents to maintain their immigration status. 

You will be alerted to the time for group check-in. Graduate students may make a check-in appointment with Lucy and Veronica if they are unable to attend the group check-in date.

INTL 101 – Orientation for ACU Global Students

Please plan to join us for INTL101: Orientation for ACU Global Students! You will receive an email with the specific dates, times and location.

Sessions will include topics on Immigration, Health Insurance, U.S. Laws, Cultural Adjustment, American Classroom Culture, OISVS Services & Resources, and Student Organizations.

Attendance is mandatory for all international (F1/J1) undergrad and graduate students. US Citizens with international backgrounds are welcome to attend as well but it is not required.

The Office of International Students & Visiting Scholars can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to ACU!

Contact Information

Office of International Students and Visiting Scholars

Hardin Administration Building Rm 124

ACU Box 29204

Abilene, TX 79699-8226

General email:

Pre-Arrival Immigration Review

Immigration Laws

Becoming familiar with the U.S. immigration laws will be vital for your stay in the U.S. Watch these videos to learn more.

First Steps for the U.S. Immigration Process

F-1 Student Immigration Laws to Remember

J-1 Exchange Visitor Immigration Laws to Remember

Visa Appointments


First Steps for the U.S. Immigration Process

F-1 Student Immigration Laws to Remember

J-1 Exchange Visitor Immigration Laws to Remember

Visa Appointments

Visa appointments are usually very brief, but the officer may ask many in-depth questions you should prepare to answer. 

For example, if your uncle is sponsoring you and owns a company, they may ask the name of his company, the number of people he employs, and even what his annual company earnings are.

If you tell the officer you are preparing to return to your home country in a certain profession, know the average annual salary of those positions, and whether that will be a feasible way to repay any loans or other obligations you may have.

The officer is seeking to verify that the information you are providing is accurate, reasonable, and authentic. 

Check out additional tips on this video: Tips for your Visa Interview and on our webpage here