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ACU’s policies connect the university’s mission to the everyday actions of its community, clarify the institution’s expectations of its individual members, mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiency, and support the university’s compliance with laws and regulations.

University Policies are policies that have a broad application throughout the university community (generally pertaining to more than one division or department). University Policies are established through the University’s Policy Development Process.

University Policy Development Process
ACU has adopted a policy on university policy development which standardizes and streamlines the University Policy development process and empowers the involvement of the university community:

To submit a policy proposal, the Responsible Administrator should email the following information to Slade Sullivan at sullivans@acu.edu along with an electronic version of the draft policy. If revisions are proposed to an existing policy, please submit a redlined version showing the changes form the original.

Departmental Policies
 are policies that do not have the broad scope or significant impact of University Policies, but instead apply to only a single division or department and are established by that department or division. While department or divisions are free to develop their own policies, they are encouraged to consult with the Office of General Counsel on any policies that involve institutional risk or compliance with laws or regulations.

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Please direct any questions about this website and ACU’s University Policy Development Process to the Office of General Counsel.