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Office of Finance and Operations

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Senior Vice President of Operations
Kevin Campbell
Phone: (325) 674-6552

Executive Assistant
Donna Seidensticker
Phone: (325)674-6552

Chief Financial Officer
Lori Herrick
Phone: (325)674-2662

Associate Vice President of Finance & Tax
Karen Gilligand
Phone: (325) 674-2853

Senior Accountant
Hayleigh Honea
Phone: (325) 674-2180

Karen Gililland
Phone: (325)674-2853

Director of Institutional Compliance & Risk Management
Kris Sutton
Phone: (325)674-6142

Senior Accountant
Lynn Fitzgerald

Accounts Payable-Travel Manager
Sara Parker
Phone: (325)674-6167

Accounts Payable-Processor
Chelsea Rodriguez
Phone: (325)674-2785

PCard/Travel Assistant
Arly Dominguez
Phone: (325)674-2774

Staff Accountant
Basilia Hester
Phone: (325)674-6510

Staff Accountant
Katrina Pelleran
Phone: (325)674-2093

Director of Budget & Analytics
Bernadine Parker
Phone: (325)674-2886

University Card Program Administrator
Arly Dominguez
Phone: (325) 674-2774

Associate Vice President of Budget & Analytics
Donny Edwards
Phone: (325) 674-2886

Academic Financial Analyst II
Wei Ji
Phone: (325)674-2859

Budget Analyst II
Alicia Finn
Phone: (325)674-2670

Financial Systems Analyst II
Jennifer Kile

Financial Systems Analyst
Eula Pham
Phone: (325) 674-2795

Academic Financial Analyst II
Stephanie Lang
Phone: (325)674-5316

Associate Director of Purchasing
Sandy Hall
Phone: (325)674-2273

Purchasing Assistant
Cianna Wilcox
Phone: (325) 674-2246