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Leipzig, Germany

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Leipzig, Germany

When you study abroad in Germany, you will enjoy the country’s rich cultural heritage, wonderful parks and efficient public transportation. The city of Leipzig, located in the German state of Saxony, will serve as your hub.

During the days of the former East Germany, Leipzig was the second largest city in the East, after Berlin. Leipzig was the hub of what came to be known as the Peaceful Revolution, which led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain. As the home of Bach, Leipzig has for years been known worldwide as a city of music. Leipzig also played a foundational role in the formation of German 18th-century philosophy, known as the Age of Enlightenment.

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While in Leipzig

As you study German language and culture, you will have the opportunity to grapple with the ideas of famous philosophers, scholars and artists in their original language.

In addition, you will explore nearby cities and towns such as Berlin, Dresden, Wittenberg, Prague, Vienna and Salzburg.

While studying in Leipzig, you will have the opportunity to earn 15 hours of credit during our semester programs and up to 6 hours of credit during our summer programs.

Upcoming Programs in Leipzig

Study Abroad house


You will live in a historic villa in the Music District of Leipzig that provides housing for 35 students, as well as kitchens, classrooms and living spaces. Though renovated in recent years, the 148-year-old villa retains its charm with 10-foot ceilings, original crown moldings and decorative woodwork. Wireless internet access is available throughout, and local shops and historic sites are nearby.