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Best Practices for Exchange Visitors Scholars

The following list is a guide to help you, as a visiting faculty member or scholar at ACU, to have a positive experience during your stay at Abilene Christian University.  Regulatory items that are mandatory are marked, and other items are recommendations from previous scholars and faculty members.

Emergency Telephone Number and Current Address (regulatory):

  • Please ensure that your faculty host and the OISVS have your current phone number and an emergency contact.
  • Please inform the OISVS and your faculty host of your current physical address if you move.

Resources at the Office of International Students and Visiting Scholars:

  • The OISVS provides an orientation to visiting scholars on program requirements, employment issues, community services, culture shock, healthcare, information on the city bus schedule and route maps.
  • Contact the Responsible Officer (RO) in the OISVS if you need assistance or resources you cannot find.
  • Watch your email for the weekly OISVS email with opportunities and Walmart trips!
  • Be sure to talk with the RO before embarking on any international travel.

Get Involved at ACU and in the Local Community: 

  • Attend a faculty enrichment program at the Adam’s Center.
  • Join an exercise class at the SWRC.
  • Volunteer in the community (speak with the RO to discuss the most suitable opportunity)
  • Attend or participate in the international student chapels and events, such as “Ethnos”, the annual culture show
  • Attend university events, such as special lectures, football games, musicals and concerts
  • Attend concerts of the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Visit the local museums and the third Thursday downtown “Art Walk”
  • Attend the West Texas Fair and Rodeo
  • Visit a local church or Bible study.

Beyond Abilene:

  • Attend a professional conference in your field
  • Visit area attractions, such as the Abilene State Park, the Buffalo Gap Historical Village
  • Sign up for a Christmas conference in another state (refer to the OISVS for more information)
  • Travel around the U.S. (please notify the RO if you will travel in the U.S. for more than 10 days.)

Share Your Expertise and Research with ACU Faculty, Staff and Students:

  • Give a talk on your research or another area of interest for the Adam’s Center
  • Share a list of your accomplishments while in the U.S. with your department and the OISVS (in English)
  • Share your culture and food at the Spring Food Festival
  • Participate in discussions and debates, sharing your perspective

Report Exchange Activities to the OISVS (regulatory):
Please share a summary of the activities you engaged in each semester to the RO (