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Travel Health/Medicine

Travel Health/Medicine

If you will be traveling in the coming months, the ACU Medical Clinic will help you prepare for your trip. It is very important to check your immunization history before any trip and ensure you are up to date on all routine immunizations. Please research your destination country, print the information and make sure you have a copy of your immunization history to bring to your appointment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises travelers, “…to consult a travel medicine clinic or personal physician 4-6 weeks before departure if the travel destination is one where exposure to any vaccine-preventable diseases may occur.”

Top 10 Travel Tips:

  1. Get advice from a Travel Health Professional or your physician
  2. Let your body adjust once you arrive
  3. Protect yourself from disease-bearing insects
  4. Never go barefoot, even on the beach
  5. Make sure your water is purified
  6. Consume only well-cooked food
  7. Fruit and veggies? Wash it, peel it, or forget it!
  8. Pre fill your prescriptions because they might not be available at your destination
  9. Don’t swim in rivers, lakes and/or streams
  10. Choose means of transportation carefully