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Meet the ACU Police

meet the ACU POLICE

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The ACU Police Department is here to serve the safety, security, and law enforcement needs of the ACU campus and surrounding community.

ACU Police Department services include the following:

  • 24/7 Police Patrols
  • Criminal Offense Reports and Investigations
  • Vehicle Accident Reports and Investigations
  • Crime Prevention and Awareness Presentations
  • ACU emergency text messaging
  • Emergency Management
  • Motorist Assistance (Unlocks/Jumpstarts)
  • Parking Permits
  • Parking Management and Enforcement
  • Night-time Safety Escorts
  • Bicycle and Foot Patrol

Abilene Christian University is authorized by Texas law to operate its own campus police department. The ACU Police Department (ACUPD) staff is made up of fourteen (14) full-time police officers, two (2) reserve police officers and six part-time public safety personnel, in addition to office and clerical personnel. Officers are on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

All ACUPD Police Officers have completed State of Texas approved law enforcement academies and are fully certified and licensed as Texas Peace Officers by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Officers are commissioned as police officers by ACU under the provisions of the Texas Education Code, section 51.212 and are recognized as peace officers under Article 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, and in addition are also certified as adjunct City of Abilene Police Department police officers under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.123.

Pursuant to these statutes, ACUPD officers have full police powers and authority to respond to police-related calls and other emergencies, investigate reported crimes, arrest individuals, and enforce traffic law. The primary jurisdiction of ACUPD includes the properties owned or controlled by ACU, but also applies anytime that ACUPD officers are otherwise in the commission of their assigned duties in any Texas county which ACU owns or controls property.  Additionally, all Texas Peace Officers, including ACU officers, may arrest individuals for certain types of offenses even while outside their primary jurisdiction.  ACUPD Officers also operate with full Peace Officer authority as adjunct Abilene Police Officers anytime they are off campus and within a designated geographic zone extending more than one-mile radius of the ACU campus. 

ACUPD maintains a close working relationship with the City of Abilene Police Department, the local office of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the local field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Officers are in direct radio contact with the Abilene Police Department and will also respond to police calls in the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the campus when requested by APD or when emergency circumstances are present. ACUPD meets regularly with APD to discuss crimes, incidents and trends that may jointly affect the City and ACU.

ACUPD also monitors APD call/offense data for any student involvement in criminal activity off-campus. This information may be forwarded to the appropriate university officials for possible university follow-up pursuant to university conduct code violation.

ACU Police Officers are also classified by ACU as university officials and have the authority to enforce certain university regulations and policies related to student conduct issues, parking regulations and other university policy matters. When ACUPD officers handle students related to matters of university policy, these cases are referred through the university Office of the Dean of Students.

When students are handled by ACUPD officers on matters that constitute violations of local, State or federal laws, the students may be subject to arrest or citation as allowed by law. Additionally, in criminal cases involving students, the case will also be referred through the university Office of the Dean of Students for possible university sanctions and/or discipline.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our students and staff and welcome your comments or questions. Please call our office if we can be of assistance.

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