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Strategic Plan

Global Vision

ACU’s global vision is to deliver a world-class education in an intentionally Christ-centered environment so that we may educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. As part of that calling, our Strategic Plan for 2022-27 centers around six pillars, and one of those pillars reflects our commitment to celebrating our diverse community.


Promote an internal culture that celebrates every individual as created uniquely in God’s image and gives voice and input to all constituents.

Celebrate Every Individual


Building a diverse community promotes innovation, creativity and an appreciation for the differences expressed in each of us by God’s intentional design. It also broadens the scope of our reach and extends our influence in the kingdom. We believe building such a community within ACU is consistent with God’s teaching and the biblical example of the Christian community to which Scripture calls us. 

This work will not be easy, but we are called to honor, celebrate and learn from the diverse cultures and customs reflected among students, faculty and staff to demonstrate an ever-strengthening campus climate in which all our members feel valued and appreciated. 



  • Assemble a faculty that is 25% racially (16% in 2021) and ethnically diverse and maintain at least 45% female faculty. 
  • Assemble a staff that is 25% racially and ethnically diverse (currently at 15%). 
  • Achieve formal recognition as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). 
  • Maintain a student body that is 40% ethnically and racially diverse and improve diverse student retention by 5%; increase Black student retention from 65% to 70%; and increase Latin student retention from 72% to 77%. 
  • Improve diverse student graduation rates by 5%, increasing Black student graduation from 50% to 55% and increasing Latin student graduation from 49% to 54%. 
  • Utilize existing surveys to better establish, and then improve, baseline measures regarding diversity, equity and inclusion issues on campus. 
  • Ensure all faculty, staff and administrators complete diversity training.

Our vision is for ACU to embody a culture of diversity and inclusion that appreciates and celebrates our differences, creates access and advancement opportunities for all, and invites diverse voices into substantive conversations while always treating one another with kindness, compassion, grace and mercy so that together we might discover God’s call for our lives.